School Safety Services Training

You'll find school safety sessions offered at the TASB/TASA Convention and other major Association training events. Consider these options for additional training needs. 

Partnering for School Safety: A Safety and Security Summit

September 13, Austin Marriott North, Round Rock
This one-day event for schools and first responders will promote collaboration between schools and law enforcement as well as provide how-to assistance on a variety of school safety topics. The event will feature a discussion on threat assessment and duty to report, mental health and special education considerations, school safety architecture, and emergency management with a focus on mitigation strategies and planning for recovery after such events. The Summit is free to TASB Risk Management Fund members. Registration opens in July.

Balancing Education and Juvenile Justice Conference

For this event, the Texas Association for Alternative Education (TAAE) partners with the Texas Classroom Teachers Association, the Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education, the Texas Education Agency, and the office of the Attorney General. Training available on request

Legal Issues: Searching for Drugs and Weapons (in-service training)

Schools are seeing growing trends of violence on campus. Administrators report that students are bringing weapons and drugs to school with increasing frequency. What can be done to keep the weapons and drugs out of schools? Administrators can conduct reasonable searches of all students, but must understand the legal parameters of such searches. TASB offers in services to member school districts and educational service centers, addressing such topics as searches of students individually, locker searches, drug dogs, and drug testing.

This service is offered to TASB members on a fee basis. Contact TASB Legal Services for additional information.

Legal Issues: Student Discipline (in-service training)

Keeping our classrooms safe is on the minds of school personnel everywhere, and Texas law imposes many requirements related to student discipline. Every district is required to adopt a student code of conduct, consistent with state law. TASB provides inservices to school districts and educational service centers on student discipline, addressing issues such as expulsion, removal to a DAEP, off campus criminal conduct, and adopting an effective student code of conduct.

This service is offered to TASB members on a fee basis. Contact TASB Legal Services for additional information.