Update Preview

Policy Service will mail Update 110 packets to districts beginning in February 2018.

Update 110 will be a small update focused on updating and reorganizing several policies in:

  • BB series addressing elections, board member eligibility and qualifications, and vacancies and removal from office;
  • CCA, addressing bond elections; and
  • CPAB, addressing political advertising, which are being updated as part of the elections review.

Update 110 will also include revisions prompted by the 85th Legislative Session that were not included in Update 109.

For the majority of districts, the only local policy in Update 110 will be BBB(LOCAL). Districts with existing court orders impacting elections may also see revisions at BBA(LOCAL).

To assist Policy Service in making appropriate recommendations for your BBB(LOCAL) policy, which includes information about when board member terms expire and the district’s method of election, please respond as soon as possible to the survey that was e-mailed to the superintendent and the district policy contact in early December.

Timely adoption of your localized updates is important to ensure that your manual contains the most current reflection of the law. If your district uses Policy On Line®, remember to notify us whether you accept or decline the recommended revisions so that the online copy of your manual and our files are accurate.

Please contact your policy consultant with any questions about this upcoming update.