Update Preview

Policy Service will begin mailing Update 111 packets to districts beginning in early July 2018. Update 111 will include legal and local policy revisions based on updates to the Texas Administrative Code and some recoding of provisions.

Approximately 70 legal policies will be updated, including EIF(LEGAL), which addresses new Administrative Code rules establishing a procedure to let school districts determine whether students qualify to graduate and receive a high school diploma. This new code became effective May 3, 2018.

Update 111 will also include these local policies:

  • BBD—Board member training and orientation;
  • CAA—Financial ethics;
  • CJA—Contractor’s criminal history checks;
  • DEA—Compensation plan;
  • DHE—Employee searches and alcohol/drug testing;
  • DI—Employee welfare; and
  • FEA—Compulsory attendance.

Please contact your policy consultant if your district is considering revisions to or development of any of these local policy codes. Timely adoption of your localized updates is important to ensure that your manual contains the most current reflection of the law.

If your district uses Policy On Line®, please notify us regarding whether you accept or decline the recommended revisions so that the online copy of your manual and our files will be accurate. Please contact your policy consultant if you have any questions.

The next update to the Regulations Resource Manual will be released in June. Update 56 will include sample administrative procedures that correspond with Update 111.

Diplomas for Certain Students Who Entered Grade 9 Before the 2011–12 School Year:

On April 30, 2018, Policy Service e-mailed information regarding Senate Bill 463 (SB 463), which addressed students or former students who entered grade 9 before the 2011–12 school year but have not performed satisfactorily on either the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) or the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS).

New Administrative Code rules, effective May 3, 2018, established procedures to implement SB 463. Eligible students must meet alternate graduation requirements in the rules or local alternative graduation requirements approved by the board.

TASB has developed a sample resolution along with a corresponding sample regulation that is accessible by superintendents, superintendents’ administrative assistants, and districts’ policy contacts.