Update Preview

Production of Update 107 will begin in January 2017, with Policy Service mailing update packets to districts beginning in mid-January 2017. Update 107 will include revisions to legally referenced policies and local policies based on updates to federal law, federal rule, and the Texas Administrative Code. There will be approximately 30 legal policies included in this update. The local policies listed below will also be included in Update 107. 

  • CDC—Gifts and solicitations (renamed)
  • CJ—Contracted services
  • DC—Employment practices
  • DEE—Expense reimbursements for employees
  • DFAA—Probationary contracts (suspension/termination during contract)
  • DFBA—Term contracts (suspension/termination during contract)
  • DFCA—Continuing contracts (suspension/termination during contract)
  • FEA—Compulsory attendance
  • FJ—Student fundraising (renamed)
  • GE—Relations with parent organizations

Please contact your policy consultant if your district is considering revisions to or development of any of the local policy codes listed above.  

We hope this general timeline will assist you in planning your administrative review and board adoption of the policy updates. As you know, timely adoption of your localized updates is important to ensure that your manual contains the most current reflection of the law. If your district uses Policy On Line®, remember to notify us whether you accept or decline the recommended revisions so the online copy of your manual and our files can be updated as appropriate. Should you have any questions regarding the update timelines, please contact your policy consultant.

Please note: As a reminder, districts with at least one campus participating in the National School Lunch Program and/or School Breakfast Program must have a board-adopted wellness policy by June 30, 2017, that meets the requirements of both the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 and the corresponding federal rules, effective August 29, 2016. Please contact your policy consultant if you are unsure whether your current policy aligns with the law and rules.