Update Preview

Production of Update 109 will begin in late September 2017, with Policy Service mailing update packets to districts beginning in early October 2017.

The majority of Update 109 will include recommended revisions to policies affected by statutes enacted during the 85th Legislative Session and new policies required by legislation. The remainder of the update will include a few policies for which Policy Service is recommending revisions for clarification or deletion of the policy.

This will be a large update reflecting almost all of the legislative changes from the 85th Session.

Updates 110 and 111, also scheduled for the 2017–18 year, are expected to be significantly smaller. Any changes resulting from the summer special session will be included in a subsequent update.

The local policies listed below will be included in Update 109.

  • BBE—board member authority
  • CKC—emergency plans
  • CNA—student transportation
  • CO—food services management (see information below)
  • DF—termination of employment
  • DH—employee standards of conduct
  • DI—drug-free workplace (deleting exhibit)
  • EHBAF—video/audio monitoring of special education classrooms
  • EJ—academic guidance program (deleting policy)
  • FEA—compulsory attendance
  • FFAA—physical examinations
  • FFF—student safety
  • FFB—crisis intervention
  • FFI—bullying
  • GBAA—public requests for information
  • GKA—conduct on school premises
  • GKC—visitors to the schools
  • GKE—business, civic, and youth groups

Please contact your policy consultant if your district is considering revisions to or development of any of the local policy codes listed above.

We hope this general timeline will assist you in planning your administrative review and board adoption of the policy updates. As you know, timely adoption of your localized updates is important to ensure that your manual contains the most current reflection of the law. If your district uses Policy On Line®, remember to notify us whether you accept or decline the recommended revisions so the online copy of your manual and our files can be updated as appropriate. Should you have any questions regarding the update timelines, please contact your policy consultant.

CO(LOCAL):  SB 1566, passed during the 85th Regular Session, modified existing law related to the adoption of a “grace period” policy. During the grace period, a student whose prepaid meal card or account has insufficient funds may continue to charge meals. Currently most districts do not include the district’s grace period in their local policies; SB 1566 now requires the board to establish the grace period in local policy.

To assist Policy Service in making an appropriate recommendation for your CO(LOCAL) policy at Update 109, we will be sending several questions to the superintendent and district policy contact in early September. Please respond by the deadline listed in that forthcoming communication so that Policy Service can have the information to update your policy.