Policy Development

Update Preview

See details of the next update to school districts’ localized policy manuals here.

Policy Alerts

Policy Alerts (myTASB) are timely advisories that detail pertinent issues or changes in law affecting school district policy decisions.

  • ESSA Transportation Procedures for Students in Foster Care
  • Attorney General Opinion on Cameras in Special Education Classrooms
  • Employee Notification: 2016–2017 School Year
  • Annual Review of Key Policies: 2016–2017 School Year

Starting Points

Starting Points (myTASB) are policy development tool kits that include details on emerging policy issues, related information regarding legal requirements, and worksheets to assist districts in developing local policy.

  • FFA: "Wellness Policy and Wellness Plan"—Revised September 2016
    This Starting Points helps districts revise FFA(LOCAL) for appropriate compliance with statutory requirements; and also includes a template that may be used by a district to develop a wellness plan, which will be critical for implementation of the district's newly adopted wellness policy.
  • DEC: "Leaves and Absences"—Revised November 2012
    This Starting Points addresses the district’s leaves and absences options to ensure that appropriate provisions are included in local policy.
  • FNA: "Student Expression"—July 2007
    This Starting Points helps districts develop a new policy required by the 80th Texas Legislature's House Bill 3678, also called the Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act (RVAA).
  • First Amendment Resources include:
    • GKD, GKDA: "Nonschool Use of School Facilities and Distribution of Nonschool Literature"—February 2004 (Revised 11/15/2011)
    • FNAA, FNAB: "Student Distribution of Nonschool Literature and Nonschool Use of School Facilities by Students"—June 2005

Vantage Points

Vantage Points (myTASB) are executive summaries of the numbered updates to localized policy manuals, distributed to board members to aid in the update review process. The three most recent Vantage Points are available online.

Legal Services' Policy Development Tips

TASB Legal Services created Policy Development Tips (myTASB) to give practical advice about certain policy topics that affect school districts. Starting with the DC series "employment policies," this collection of tips is expected to grow over time.