The Localized Policy Manual

Policy Service membership is good, but it's only when the district's board policy manual has been localized that a district can enjoy the full range of benefits, including:

  • Numbered updates, major policy updates issued two to three times per year that reflect the ever-changing statutory contexts for education law and practice. Localization makes it possible for TASB to customize each set of update recommendations to the needs of the individual school district.
  • Local district updates or "LDUs," small policy updating projects initiated by the district that benefit from collaboration with the district's policy consultant.
  • Policy On Line, an optional service for publishing the board's policies on the Web.

The process of localization is a collaboration between the superintendent, the district's policy consultant at TASB, and the board of trustees. Localization results in a suite of board policies designed to meet the statutory demands and the district's unique local issues while also entering that data into Policy Service's computer system, which facilitates Policy On Line and our proactive updating services.

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