Local District Updates

Producing the perfect policy

"Local District Update" (LDU) is a fancy name for a simple thing: a policy change (or a set of changes) initiated by the district and produced with as much or as little help from Policy Service as the district requires. TASB Policy Service handles between 200 and 300 LDUs per month on average.

It's important for districts with localized policy manuals and Policy On Line to submit local policy changes to TASB so that we can do an LDU, because the services we provide (like numbered updates) depend on having your policy text accurately represented in our database. And of course we can't put a policy online for a district unless we have it ourselves.

The procedure

When an LDU is performed, the policy consultant enters the new text into our database of local policies. While a proofreader checks the text for grammar and spelling, the consultant reviews the policy for possible issues regarding consistency with the rest of the manual and harmony with the law. If in doubt the consultant may ask an attorney from Legal Services to review the text and alert the district regarding possible problems. (Disclaimer: TASB's comments in the context of an LDU are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. The district must consult its own attorney.)

Once the text is finalized, TASB mails the district hard copy of the new policy. Upon adoption by the board, if the district uses Policy On Line, TASB will place the new policy on the Web immediately upon receiving notification from the superintendent.

The final word

It bears noting that in LDUs, as in numbered updates, TASB only makes recommendations where the district's local policies are concerned. The board of trustees always has the final say regarding which policies go in the manual.