Education for Administrators

The Policy Service Resource Library in myTASB is an excellent educational resource for superintendents and their designated policy contacts:

  • The The Administrator's Guide to Policy Management gives a detailed summary of the policy contact's role in maintaining and implementing policy.
  • The video series Numbered Updates and the Localized Policy Manual illustrates the customized update packets that Policy Service sends to districts roughly three times per year.
  • Starting Points provide detailed analysis of high-priority policy issues and include worksheets to help you craft the right policy recommendation for your board.
  • Policy Alerts warn about new and recurring policy issues.
  • In addition to being templates for the district's own publications, the Model Student Handbook and Model Student Code of Conduct are a useful way to catch up on statutory changes affecting student discipline and safety.
  • Vantage Points, an executive summary of the topics covered by TASB's numbered updates, is a good way to get a preview of what's coming in the next update packet for your localized policy manual.
  • The Policy Reference Manual provides a broad overview of the statutory context for Texas's public schools.
  • The Regulations Resource Manual offers model administrative regulations that superintendents can customize for local use.

For more opportunities for training and education, look for Policy Service's classes at Summer Leadership Institute and the annual TASA/TASB Convention. Superintedents' administrative assistants may be interested in our TASB Conference for Administrative Professionals.

And don't neglect to call your policy consultant for telephone consultation, a privilege of membership in Policy Service. If you'll be in the Austin area, consider making an appointment to visit TASB and meet your consultant.

A Policy Review Session is an excellent way—especially for a new superintendent—to learn in depth the district's policies and its statutory/regulatory context.