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Whether you need a sample policy, need to make a change to an existing policy, or just want to talk about an issue facing your school district, our policy consultants can help.

8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Phone: 800.580.7529
P.O. Box 400
Austin, TX  78767-0400

Don't know who your consultant is? Click on the letter of your district's name to find your consultant. 

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carolyn austin, Policy Consultant
Carolyn Austin

Angela Bauman
Abby Chalmers
Sarah Gutierrez, Policy Consultant Tammy Jordan, Policy Consultant Amy Kadlecek, Policy Consultant  
Sarah Gutierrez 

Tammy Jordan 

Amy Kadlecek  


Kathy London, Policy Consultant Eric Narcisse, Policy Consultant Mary Kay Spellman, Policy Consultant
Kathy London 

Eric Narcisse 
Mary Kay Spellman 
Carolyn Counce, Division Director of Policy Service Gail Jackson, Assistant Director of Production Services, Policy Service Travis Damron, Policy On Line Specialist
Carolyn Counce
Division Director, Policy Service 
Gail Jackson
Assistant Director, Operations,
Policy Service 
Travis Damron
Policy On Line®  Specialist

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School District

Policy Consultant

Abbott ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Abernathy ISD Abby Chalmers
Abilene ISD Tammy Jordan
Academy ISD Amy Kadlecek
Adrian ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Agua Dulce ISD Tammy Jordan
Alamo Heights ISD Amy Kadlecek
Alba-Golden ISD Abby Chalmers
Albany ISD Amy Kadlecek
Aldine ISD Kathy London
Aledo ISD Tammy Jordan
Alice ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Alief ISD Amy Kadlecek
Allen ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Alpine ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Alto ISD Carolyn Austin
Alvarado ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Alvin ISD Carolyn Austin
Alvord ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Amarillo ISD Kathy London
Amherst ISD Amy Kadlecek
Anahuac ISD Tammy Jordan
Anderson-Shiro CISD Angela Bauman
Andrews ISD Tammy Jordan
Angleton ISD Angela Bauman
Anna ISD Abby Chalmers
Anson ISD Carolyn Austin
Anthony ISD Tammy Jordan
Anton ISD Kathy London
Apple Springs ISD Kathy London
Aquilla ISD Abby Chalmers
Aransas County ISD Carolyn Austin
Aransas Pass ISD Tammy Jordan
Archer City ISD Tammy Jordan
Argyle ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Arlington ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Arp ISD Tammy Jordan
Aspermont ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Athens ISD Abby Chalmers
Atlanta ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Aubrey ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Austin ISD Eric Narcisse
Austwell-Tivoli ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Avalon ISD Angela Bauman
Avery ISD Tammy Jordan
Avinger ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Axtell ISD Tammy Jordan
Azle ISD Carolyn Austin
Back to top  
Baird ISD Tammy Jordan
Ballinger ISD Tammy Jordan
Balmorhea ISD Kathy London
Bandera ISD Eric Narcisse
Bangs ISD Amy Kadlecek
Banquete ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Barbers Hill ISD Tammy Jordan
Bartlett ISD Abby Chalmers
Bastrop ISD Tammy Jordan
Bay City ISD Abby Chalmers
Beaumont ISD Tammy Jordan
Beckville ISD Amy Kadlecek
Beeville ISD Tammy Jordan
Bellevue ISD Carolyn Austin
Bells ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Bellville ISD Amy Kadlecek
Belton ISD Eric Narcisse
Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Benavides ISD Amy Kadlecek
Benjamin ISD Carolyn Austin
Big Sandy ISD-Polk County Kathy London
Big Sandy ISD-Upshur County Mary Kay Spellman
Big Spring ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Birdville ISD Eric Narcisse
Bishop CISD Abby Chalmers
Blackwell CISD Kathy London
Blanco ISD Kathy London
Bland ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Blanket ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Bloomburg ISD Angela Bauman
Blooming Grove ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Bloomington ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Blue Ridge ISD Eric Narcisse
Bluff Dale ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Blum ISD Amy Kadlecek
Boerne ISD Amy Kadlecek
Boles ISD Abby Chalmers
Boling ISD Amy Kadlecek
Bonham ISD Angela Bauman
Booker ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Borden County ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Borger ISD Tammy Jordan
Bosqueville ISD Tammy Jordan
Bovina ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Bowie ISD Tammy Jordan
Boyd ISD Kathy London
Boys Ranch ISD Kathy London
Brackett ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Brady ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Brazos ISD Tammy Jordan
Brazosport ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Breckenridge ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Bremond ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Brenham ISD Amy Kadlecek
Bridge City ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Bridgeport ISD Tammy Jordan
Broaddus ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Brock ISD Tammy Jordan
Bronte ISD Tammy Jordan
Brookeland ISD Abby Chalmers
Brookesmith ISD Eric Narcisse
Brooks County ISD Amy Kadlecek
Brownfield ISD Tammy Jordan
Brownsboro ISD Amy Kadlecek
Brownsville ISD Abby Chalmers
Brownwood ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Bruceville-Eddy ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Bryan ISD Carolyn Austin
Bryson ISD Abby Chalmers
Buckholts ISD Kathy London
Buena Vista ISD Angela Bauman
Buffalo ISD Eric Narcisse
Bullard ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Buna ISD Tammy Jordan
Burkburnett ISD Angela Bauman
Burkeville ISD Amy Kadlecek
Burleson ISD Angela Bauman
Burnet CISD Tammy Jordan
Burton ISD Angela Bauman
Bushland ISD Eric Narcisse
Bynum ISD Tammy Jordan
Back to top  
Caddo Mills ISD Angela Bauman
Calallen ISD Angela Bauman
Caldwell ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Calhoun County ISD Kathy London
Callisburg ISD Tammy Jordan
Calvert ISD Abby Chalmers
Cameron ISD Abby Chalmers
Campbell ISD Kathy London
Canadian ISD Amy Kadlecek
Canton ISD Tammy Jordan
Canutillo ISD Angela Bauman
Canyon ISD Tammy Jordan
Carlisle ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Carrizo Springs CISD Mary Kay Spellman
Carroll ISD Amy Kadlecek
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Carthage ISD Eric Narcisse
Castleberry ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Cayuga ISD Tammy Jordan
Cedar Hill ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Celeste ISD Kathy London
Celina ISD Carolyn Austin
Center ISD Angela Bauman
Center Point ISD Abby Chalmers
Centerville ISD-Leon County Abby Chalmers
Centerville ISD-Trinity County Abby Chalmers
Central Heights ISD Tammy Jordan
Central ISD Abby Chalmers
Channelview ISD Eric Narcisse
Channing ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Chapel Hill ISD-Smith County Carolyn Austin
Chapel Hill ISD-Titus County Carolyn Austin
Charlotte ISD Carolyn Austin
Cherokee ISD Angela Bauman
Chester ISD Tammy Jordan
Chico ISD Abby Chalmers
Childress ISD Kathy London
Chillicothe ISD Abby Chalmers
Chilton ISD Sarah Gutierrez
China Spring ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Chireno ISD Carolyn Austin
Chisum ISD Abby Chalmers
Christoval ISD Carolyn Austin
Cisco ISD Carolyn Austin
City View ISD Amy Kadlecek
Clarendon CISD Carolyn Austin
Clarksville ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Claude ISD Tammy Jordan
Clear Creek ISD Tammy Jordan
Cleburne ISD Eric Narcisse
Cleveland ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Clifton ISD Angela Bauman
Clint ISD Tammy Jordan
Clyde CISD Kathy London
Coahoma ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD Carolyn Austin
Coleman ISD Carolyn Austin
College Station ISD Amy Kadlecek
Collinsville ISD Kathy London
Colmesneil ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Colorado ISD Eric Narcisse
Columbia-Brazoria ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Columbus ISD Abby Chalmers
Comal ISD Abby Chalmers
Comanche ISD Abby Chalmers
Comfort ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Commerce ISD Kathy London
Community ISD Angela Bauman
Como-Pickton CISD Tammy Jordan
Comstock ISD Kathy London
Connally ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Conroe ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Coolidge ISD Tammy Jordan
Cooper ISD Amy Kadlecek
Coppell ISD Amy Kadlecek
Copperas Cove ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Corpus Christi ISD Amy Kadlecek
Corrigan-Camden ISD Carolyn Austin
Corsicana ISD Tammy Jordan
Cotton Center ISD Tammy Jordan
Cotulla ISD Angela Bauman
Coupland ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Covington ISD Kathy London
Crandall ISD Tammy Jordan
Crane ISD Eric Narcisse
Cranfills Gap ISD Abby Chalmers
Crawford ISD Tammy Jordan
Crockett County Consolidated CSD Kathy London
Crockett ISD-Houston County Kathy London
Crosby ISD Amy Kadlecek
Crosbyton CISD Tammy Jordan
Cross Plains ISD Kathy London
Cross Roads ISD Amy Kadlecek
Crowell ISD Tammy Jordan
Crowley ISD Kathy London
Crystal City ISD Tammy Jordan
Cuero ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Culberson County-Allamoore ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Cumby ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Cushing ISD Abby Chalmers
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Back to top  
Daingerfield-Lone Star ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Dalhart ISD Carolyn Austin
Dallas ISD Eric Narcisse
Damon ISD Carolyn Austin
Danbury ISD Angela Bauman
Darrouzett ISD Kathy London
Dawson ISD-Dawson County Mary Kay Spellman
Dawson ISD-Navarro County Carolyn Austin
Dayton ISD Sarah Gutierrez
De Leon ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Decatur ISD Kathy London
Deer Park ISD Amy Kadlecek
DeKalb ISD Kathy London
Del Valle ISD Tammy Jordan
Dell City ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Denison ISD Amy Kadlecek
Denton ISD Tammy Jordan
Denver City ISD Carolyn Austin
DeSoto ISD Eric Narcisse
Detroit ISD Eric Narcisse
Devers ISD Carolyn Austin
Devine ISD Eric Narcisse
Dew ISD Carolyn Austin
Deweyville ISD Carolyn Austin
D'Hanis ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Diboll ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Dickinson ISD Abby Chalmers
Dilley ISD Angela Bauman
Dime Box ISD Carolyn Austin
Dimmitt ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Divide ISD Abby Chalmers
Dodd City ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Donna ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Doss Consolidated CSD Kathy London
Douglass ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Dripping Springs ISD Eric Narcisse
Driscoll ISD Eric Narcisse
Dublin ISD Tammy Jordan
Dumas ISD Amy Kadlecek
Duncanville ISD Tammy Jordan
Back to top  
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Tammy Jordan
Eagle Pass ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Eanes ISD Amy Kadlecek
Early ISD Amy Kadlecek
East Bernard ISD Angela Bauman
East Central ISD Angela Bauman
East Chambers ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Eastland ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Ector County ISD Amy Kadlecek
Ector ISD-Fannin County Abby Chalmers
Edcouch-Elsa ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Eden CISD Sarah Gutierrez
Edgewood ISD-Bexar County Mary Kay Spellman
Edgewood ISD-Van Zandt County Eric Narcisse
Edinburg CISD Eric Narcisse
Edna ISD Carolyn Austin
El Campo ISD Mary Kay Spellman
El Paso ISD Eric Narcisse
Electra ISD Carolyn Austin
Elgin ISD Tammy Jordan
Elkhart ISD Carolyn Austin
Elysian Fields ISD Carolyn Austin
Ennis ISD Eric Narcisse
Era ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Etoile ISD Kathy London
Eula ISD Eric Narcisse
Eustace ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Evadale ISD Tammy Jordan
Evant ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Everman ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Excelsior ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Ezzell ISD Eric Narcisse
Back to top  
Fabens ISD Kathy London
Fairfield ISD Angela Bauman
Falls City ISD Carolyn Austin
Fannindel ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Farmersville ISD Abby Chalmers
Farwell ISD Tammy Jordan
Fayetteville ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Ferris ISD Abby Chalmers
Flatonia ISD Abby Chalmers
Florence ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Floresville ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Flour Bluff ISD Eric Narcisse
Floydada ISD Kathy London
Follett ISD Angela Bauman
Forestburg ISD Kathy London
Forney ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Forsan ISD Tammy Jordan
Fort Bend ISD Carolyn Austin
Fort Davis ISD Kathy London
Fort Elliott CISD Carolyn Austin
Fort Hancock ISD Abby Chalmers
Fort Sam Houston ISD Kathy London
Fort Stockton ISD Kathy London
Fort Worth ISD Kathy London
Franklin ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Frankston ISD Amy Kadlecek
Fredericksburg ISD Carolyn Austin
Freer ISD Carolyn Austin
Frenship ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Friendswood ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Friona ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Frisco ISD Amy Kadlecek
Frost ISD Carolyn Austin
Fruitvale ISD Abby Chalmers
Back to top  
Gainesville ISD Abby Chalmers
Galena Park ISD Amy Kadlecek
Galveston ISD Kathy London
Ganado ISD Amy Kadlecek
Garland ISD Tammy Jordan
Garner ISD Angela Bauman
Garrison ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Gary ISD Eric Narcisse
Gatesville ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Gause ISD Mary Kay Spellman
George West ISD Kathy London
Georgetown ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Gholson ISD Kathy London
Giddings ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Gilmer ISD Abby Chalmers
Gladewater ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Glasscock County ISD Carolyn Austin
Glen Rose ISD Amy Kadlecek
Godley ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Gold-Burg ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Goldthwaite Consolidated ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Goliad ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Gonzales ISD Kathy London
Goodrich ISD Angela Bauman
Goose Creek CISD Eric Narcisse
Gordon ISD Abby Chalmers
Gorman ISD Carolyn Austin
Grady ISD Tammy Jordan
Graford ISD Carolyn Austin
Graham ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Granbury ISD Amy Kadlecek
Grand Prairie ISD Carolyn Austin
Grand Saline ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Grandfalls-Royalty ISD Abby Chalmers
Grandview ISD Carolyn Austin
Grandview-Hopkins ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Granger ISD Amy Kadlecek
Grape Creek ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Grapeland ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Abby Chalmers
Greenville ISD Tammy Jordan
Greenwood ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Gregory-Portland ISD Carolyn Austin
Groesbeck ISD Carolyn Austin
Groom ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Groveton ISD Abby Chalmers
Gruver ISD Amy Kadlecek
Gunter ISD Carolyn Austin
Gustine ISD Carolyn Austin
Guthrie CSD Kathy London
Back to top  
Hale Center ISD Angela Bauman
Hallettsville ISD Carolyn Austin
Hallsburg ISD Tammy Jordan
Hallsville ISD Eric Narcisse
Hamilton ISD Amy Kadlecek
Hamlin ISD Angela Bauman
Hamshire-Fannett ISD Abby Chalmers
Happy ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Hardin ISD Abby Chalmers
Hardin-Jefferson ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Harlandale ISD Carolyn Austin
Harleton ISD Kathy London
Harlingen CISD Kathy London
Harmony ISD Abby Chalmers
Harper ISD Angela Bauman
Harrold ISD Eric Narcisse
Hart ISD Eric Narcisse
Hartley ISD Amy Kadlecek
Harts Bluff ISD Carolyn Austin
Haskell CISD Abby Chalmers
Hawkins ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Hawley ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Hays CISD Abby Chalmers
Hearne ISD Angela Bauman
Hedley ISD Amy Kadlecek
Hemphill ISD Abby Chalmers
Hempstead ISD Angela Bauman
Henderson ISD Tammy Jordan
Henrietta ISD Eric Narcisse
Hereford ISD Angela Bauman
Hermleigh ISD Kathy London
Hico ISD Kathy London
Hidalgo ISD Amy Kadlecek
Higgins ISD Kathy London
High Island ISD Carolyn Austin
Highland ISD Kathy London
Highland Park ISD-Dallas County Amy Kadlecek
Highland Park ISD-Potter County Angela Bauman
Hillsboro ISD Kathy London
Hitchcock ISD Kathy London
Holland ISD Eric Narcisse
Holliday ISD Kathy London
Hondo ISD Angela Bauman
Honey Grove ISD Angela Bauman
Hooks ISD Kathy London
Houston ISD Eric Narcisse
Howe ISD Kathy London
Hubbard ISD-Bowie County Tammy Jordan
Hubbard ISD-Hill County Angela Bauman
Huckabay ISD Tammy Jordan
Hudson ISD Abby Chalmers
Huffman ISD Tammy Jordan
Hughes Springs ISD Tammy Jordan
Hull-Daisetta ISD Angela Bauman
Humble ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Hunt ISD Carolyn Austin
Huntington ISD Eric Narcisse
Huntsville ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Amy Kadlecek
Hutto ISD Eric Narcisse
Back to top  
Idalou ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Industrial ISD Tammy Jordan
Ingleside ISD Kathy London
Ingram ISD Tammy Jordan
Iola ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Iowa Park CISD Tammy Jordan
Ira ISD Abby Chalmers
Iraan-Sheffield ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Iredell ISD Angela Bauman
Irion County ISD Angela Bauman
Irving ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Italy ISD Kathy London
Itasca ISD Tammy Jordan
Back to top  
Jacksboro ISD Angela Bauman
Jacksonville ISD Eric Narcisse
Jarrell ISD Amy Kadlecek
Jasper ISD Angela Bauman
Jayton-Girard ISD Tammy Jordan
Jefferson ISD Carolyn Austin
Jim Hogg County ISD Kathy London
Jim Ned CISD Sarah Gutierrez
Joaquin ISD Amy Kadlecek
Johnson City ISD Kathy London
Jonesboro ISD Abby Chalmers
Joshua ISD Eric Narcisse
Jourdanton ISD Amy Kadlecek
Judson ISD Eric Narcisse
Junction ISD Angela Bauman
Back to top  
Karnack ISD Kathy London
Karnes City ISD Kathy London
Katy ISD Tammy Jordan
Kaufman ISD Tammy Jordan
Keene ISD Carolyn Austin
Keller ISD Eric Narcisse
Kelton ISD Eric Narcisse
Kemp ISD Kathy London
Kenedy County Wide CSD Kathy London
Kenedy ISD-Karnes County Eric Narcisse
Kennard ISD Tammy Jordan
Kennedale ISD Angela Bauman
Kerens ISD Angela Bauman
Kermit ISD Angela Bauman
Kerrville ISD Kathy London
Kilgore ISD Angela Bauman
Killeen ISD Abby Chalmers
Kingsville ISD Kathy London
Kirbyville CISD Amy Kadlecek
Klein ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Klondike ISD Angela Bauman
Knippa ISD Kathy London
Knox City-O'Brien CISD Abby Chalmers
Kopperl ISD Kathy London
Kountze ISD Kathy London
Kress ISD Kathy London
Krum ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Back to top  
La Feria ISD Angela Bauman
La Gloria ISD Carolyn Austin
La Grange ISD Amy Kadlecek
La Joya ISD Abby Chalmers
La Porte ISD Kathy London
La Pryor ISD Carolyn Austin
La Vega ISD Amy Kadlecek
La Vernia ISD Angela Bauman
La Villa ISD Abby Chalmers
Lackland ISD Kathy London
Lago Vista ISD Angela Bauman
Lake Dallas ISD Carolyn Austin
Lake Travis ISD Tammy Jordan
Lake Worth ISD Carolyn Austin
Lamar CISD Abby Chalmers
Lamesa ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Lampasas ISD Angela Bauman
Lancaster ISD Angela Bauman
Laneville ISD Kathy London
LaPoynor ISD Eric Narcisse
Laredo ISD Carolyn Austin
Lasara ISD Angela Bauman
Latexo ISD Eric Narcisse
Lazbuddie ISD Abby Chalmers
Leakey ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Leander ISD Angela Bauman
Leary ISD Carolyn Austin
Lefors ISD Eric Narcisse
Leggett ISD Angela Bauman
Leon ISD Angela Bauman
Leonard ISD Eric Narcisse
Levelland ISD Amy Kadlecek
Leverett's Chapel ISD Eric Narcisse
Lewisville ISD Kathy London
Lexington ISD Amy Kadlecek
Liberty Hill ISD Eric Narcisse
Liberty ISD Eric Narcisse
Liberty-Eylau ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Lindale ISD Abby Chalmers
Linden-Kildare CISD Angela Bauman
Lindsay ISD Abby Chalmers
Lingleville ISD Eric Narcisse
Lipan ISD Carolyn Austin
Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD Mary Kay Spellman
Little Elm ISD Eric Narcisse
Littlefield ISD Carolyn Austin
Livingston ISD Eric Narcisse
Llano ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Lockhart ISD Eric Narcisse
Lockney ISD Abby Chalmers
Lohn ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Lometa ISD Tammy Jordan
London ISD Angela Bauman
Lone Oak ISD Carolyn Austin
Longview ISD Tammy Jordan
Loop ISD Abby Chalmers
Loraine ISD Angela Bauman
Lorena ISD Eric Narcisse
Lorenzo ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Los Fresnos CISD Eric Narcisse
Louise ISD Abby Chalmers
Lovejoy ISD Tammy Jordan
Lovelady ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Lubbock ISD Kathy London
Lubbock-Cooper ISD Tammy Jordan
Lueders-Avoca ISD Angela Bauman
Lufkin ISD Eric Narcisse
Luling ISD Angela Bauman
Lumberton ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Lyford CISD Angela Bauman
Lytle ISD Abby Chalmers
Back to top  
Mabank ISD Angela Bauman
Madisonville CISD Eric Narcisse
Magnolia ISD Kathy London
Malakoff ISD Angela Bauman
Malone ISD Angela Bauman
Malta ISD Abby Chalmers
Manor ISD Angela Bauman
Mansfield ISD Angela Bauman
Marathon ISD Carolyn Austin
Marble Falls ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Marfa ISD Angela Bauman
Marion ISD Carolyn Austin
Marlin ISD Tammy Jordan
Marshall ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Mart ISD Carolyn Austin
Martin's Mill ISD Carolyn Austin
Martinsville ISD Carolyn Austin
Mason ISD Carolyn Austin
Matagorda ISD Eric Narcisse
Mathis ISD Angela Bauman
Maud ISD Abby Chalmers
May ISD Abby Chalmers
Maypearl ISD Sarah Gutierrez
McAllen ISD Kathy London
McCamey ISD Amy Kadlecek
McDade ISD Abby Chalmers
McGregor ISD Eric Narcisse
McKinney ISD Kathy London
McLean ISD Carolyn Austin
McLeod ISD Amy Kadlecek
McMullen County ISD Amy Kadlecek
Meadow ISD Abby Chalmers
Medina ISD Angela Bauman
Medina Valley ISD Abby Chalmers
Melissa ISD Eric Narcisse
Memphis ISD Eric Narcisse
Menard ISD Tammy Jordan
Mercedes ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Meridian ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Merkel ISD Tammy Jordan
Mesquite ISD Carolyn Austin
Mexia ISD Carolyn Austin
Meyersville ISD Carolyn Austin
Miami ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Midland ISD Kathy London
Midlothian ISD Tammy Jordan
Midway ISD-Clay County Angela Bauman
Midway ISD-McLennan County Amy Kadlecek
Milano ISD Abby Chalmers
Mildred ISD Carolyn Austin
Miles ISD Tammy Jordan
Milford ISD Angela Bauman
Miller Grove ISD Angela Bauman
Millsap ISD Kathy London
Mineola ISD Kathy London
Mineral Wells ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Mission CISD Amy Kadlecek
Monahans-Wickett-Pyote ISD Tammy Jordan
Montague ISD Kathy London
Monte Alto ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Montgomery ISD Tammy Jordan
Moody ISD Eric Narcisse
Moran ISD Angela Bauman
Morgan ISD Carolyn Austin
Morgan Mill ISD Angela Bauman
Morton ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Motley County ISD Eric Narcisse
Moulton ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Mount Calm ISD Carolyn Austin
Mount Enterprise ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Mount Pleasant ISD Eric Narcisse
Mount Vernon ISD Kathy London
Muenster ISD Kathy London
Muleshoe ISD Amy Kadlecek
Mullin ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Mumford ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Munday CISD Carolyn Austin
Murchison ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Back to top  
Nacogdoches ISD Kathy London
Natalia ISD Abby Chalmers
Navarro ISD Carolyn Austin
Navasota ISD Tammy Jordan
Nazareth ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Neches ISD Angela Bauman
Nederland ISD Carolyn Austin
Needville ISD Abby Chalmers
New Boston ISD Kathy London
New Braunfels ISD Sarah Gutierrez
New Caney ISD Angela Bauman
New Deal ISD Kathy London
New Diana ISD Kathy London
New Home ISD Angela Bauman
New Summerfield ISD Carolyn Austin
New Waverly ISD Abby Chalmers
Newcastle ISD Angela Bauman
Newton ISD Angela Bauman
Nixon-Smiley CISD Carolyn Austin
Nocona ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Nordheim ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Normangee ISD Mary Kay Spellman
North East ISD Sarah Gutierrez
North Hopkins ISD Carolyn Austin
North Lamar ISD Mary Kay Spellman
North Zulch ISD Carolyn Austin
Northside ISD-Bexar County Sarah Gutierrez
Northside ISD-Wilbarger County Carolyn Austin
Northwest ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Nueces Canyon CISD Carolyn Austin
Nursery ISD Tammy Jordan
Back to top  
Oakwood ISD Eric Narcisse
Odem-Edroy ISD Tammy Jordan
O'Donnell ISD Carolyn Austin
Oglesby ISD Abby Chalmers
Olfen ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Olney ISD Kathy London
Olton ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Onalaska ISD Carolyn Austin
Orange Grove ISD Carolyn Austin
Orangefield ISD Eric Narcisse
Ore City ISD Angela Bauman
Overton ISD Tammy Jordan
Back to top  
Paducah ISD Angela Bauman
Paint Creek ISD Carolyn Austin
Paint Rock ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Palacios ISD Kathy London
Palestine ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Palmer ISD Amy Kadlecek
Palo Pinto ISD Angela Bauman
Pampa ISD Angela Bauman
Panhandle ISD Kathy London
Panther Creek CISD Carolyn Austin
Paradise ISD Carolyn Austin
Paris ISD Abby Chalmers
Pasadena ISD Kathy London
Patton Springs ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Pawnee ISD Carolyn Austin
Pearland ISD Kathy London
Pearsall ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Peaster ISD Kathy London
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD Kathy London
Penelope ISD Abby Chalmers
Perrin-Whitt CISD Amy Kadlecek
Perryton ISD Kathy London
Petersburg ISD Amy Kadlecek
Petrolia CISD Abby Chalmers
Pettus ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Pewitt CISD Mary Kay Spellman
Pflugerville ISD Angela Bauman
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD Carolyn Austin
Pilot Point ISD Amy Kadlecek
Pine Tree ISD Eric Narcisse
Pittsburg ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Plains ISD Carolyn Austin
Plainview ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Plano ISD Eric Narcisse
Pleasant Grove ISD Tammy Jordan
Pleasanton ISD Angela Bauman
Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips CISD Sarah Gutierrez
Point Isabel ISD Angela Bauman
Ponder ISD Angela Bauman
Poolville ISD Eric Narcisse
Port Aransas ISD Abby Chalmers
Port Arthur ISD Tammy Jordan
Port Neches-Groves ISD Carolyn Austin
Post ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Poteet ISD Carolyn Austin
Poth ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Pottsboro ISD Carolyn Austin
Prairie Lea ISD Carolyn Austin
Prairie Valley ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Prairiland ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Premont ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Presidio ISD Eric Narcisse
Priddy ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Princeton ISD Kathy London
Pringle-Morse CISD Mary Kay Spellman
Progreso ISD Tammy Jordan
Prosper ISD Mary Kay Spellman
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Quanah ISD Kathy London
Queen City ISD Abby Chalmers
Quinlan ISD Abby Chalmers
Quitman ISD Kathy London
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Rains ISD Angela Bauman
Ralls ISD Carolyn Austin
Ramirez CSD Kathy London
Randolph Field ISD Kathy London
Ranger ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Rankin ISD Amy Kadlecek
Raymondville ISD Carolyn Austin
Reagan County ISD Amy Kadlecek
Red Lick ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Red Oak ISD Carolyn Austin
Redwater ISD Kathy London
Refugio ISD Kathy London
Ricardo ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Rice CISD Angela Bauman
Rice ISD-Navarro County Abby Chalmers
Richards ISD Carolyn Austin
Richardson ISD Abby Chalmers
Richland Springs ISD Abby Chalmers
Riesel ISD Amy Kadlecek
Rio Grande City CISD Angela Bauman
Rio Hondo ISD Kathy London
Rio Vista ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Rising Star ISD Mary Kay Spellman
River Road ISD Abby Chalmers
Rivercrest ISD Kathy London
Riviera ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Robert Lee ISD Angela Bauman
Robinson ISD Kathy London
Robstown ISD Abby Chalmers
Roby CISD Eric Narcisse
Rochelle ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Rockdale ISD Tammy Jordan
Rocksprings ISD Eric Narcisse
Rockwall ISD Amy Kadlecek
Rogers ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Roma ISD Kathy London
Roosevelt ISD Tammy Jordan
Ropes ISD Tammy Jordan
Roscoe Collegiate ISD Abby Chalmers
Rosebud-Lott ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Rotan ISD Kathy London
Round Rock ISD Tammy Jordan
Round Top-Carmine ISD Abby Chalmers
Roxton ISD Amy Kadlecek
Royal ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Royse City ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Rule ISD Angela Bauman
Runge ISD Amy Kadlecek
Rusk ISD Tammy Jordan
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S and S CISD Angela Bauman
Sabinal ISD Tammy Jordan
Sabine ISD Tammy Jordan
Sabine Pass ISD Kathy London
Saint Jo ISD Amy Kadlecek
Salado ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Saltillo ISD Eric Narcisse
Sam Rayburn ISD Sarah Gutierrez
San Angelo ISD Amy Kadlecek
San Antonio ISD Sarah Gutierrez
San Augustine ISD Mary Kay Spellman
San Benito CISD Carolyn Austin
San Diego ISD Sarah Gutierrez
San Elizario ISD Mary Kay Spellman
San Felipe Del Rio CISD Abby Chalmers
San Isidro ISD Angela Bauman
San Marcos CISD Angela Bauman
San Perlita ISD Tammy Jordan
San Saba ISD Carolyn Austin
San Vicente ISD Angela Bauman
Sands CISD Carolyn Austin
Sanford-Fritch ISD Carolyn Austin
Sanger ISD Angela Bauman
Santa Anna ISD Kathy London
Santa Fe ISD Carolyn Austin
Santa Gertrudis ISD Kathy London
Santa Maria ISD Tammy Jordan
Santa Rosa ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Santo ISD Amy Kadlecek
Savoy ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD Abby Chalmers
Schleicher County ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Schulenburg ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Scurry-Rosser ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Seagraves ISD Kathy London
Sealy ISD Eric Narcisse
Seguin ISD Carolyn Austin
Seminole ISD Eric Narcisse
Seymour ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Shallowater ISD Eric Narcisse
Shamrock ISD Angela Bauman
Sharyland ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Shelbyville ISD Angela Bauman
Sheldon ISD Angela Bauman
Shepherd ISD Kathy London
Sherman ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Shiner ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Sidney ISD Amy Kadlecek
Sierra Blanca ISD Amy Kadlecek
Silsbee ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Silverton ISD Amy Kadlecek
Simms ISD Amy Kadlecek
Sinton ISD Eric Narcisse
Sivells Bend ISD Kathy London
Skidmore-Tynan ISD Tammy Jordan
Slaton ISD Angela Bauman
Slidell ISD Abby Chalmers
Slocum ISD Angela Bauman
Smithville ISD Angela Bauman
Smyer ISD Carolyn Austin
Snook ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Snyder ISD Angela Bauman
Socorro ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Somerset ISD Abby Chalmers
Somerville ISD Amy Kadlecek
Sonora ISD Kathy London
South San Antonio ISD Carolyn Austin
South Texas ISD Angela Bauman
Southland ISD Amy Kadlecek
Southside ISD Tammy Jordan
Southwest ISD Amy Kadlecek
Spearman ISD Abby Chalmers
Splendora ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Spring Branch ISD Eric Narcisse
Spring Creek ISD Angela Bauman
Spring Hill ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Spring ISD Abby Chalmers
Springlake-Earth ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Springtown ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Spur ISD Abby Chalmers
Spurger ISD Angela Bauman
Stafford Municipal School District Abby Chalmers
Stamford ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Stanton ISD Angela Bauman
Stephenville ISD Amy Kadlecek
Sterling City ISD Abby Chalmers
Stockdale ISD Kathy London
Stratford ISD Amy Kadlecek
Strawn ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Sudan ISD Angela Bauman
Sulphur Bluff ISD Angela Bauman
Sulphur Springs ISD Tammy Jordan
Sundown ISD Carolyn Austin
Sunnyvale ISD Carolyn Austin
Sunray ISD Tammy Jordan
Sweeny ISD Carolyn Austin
Sweet Home ISD Amy Kadlecek
Sweetwater ISD Abby Chalmers
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Taft ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Tahoka ISD Eric Narcisse
Tarkington ISD Amy Kadlecek
Tatum ISD Kathy London
Taylor ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Teague ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Temple ISD Amy Kadlecek
Tenaha ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Terlingua CSD Kathy London
Terrell County ISD Carolyn Austin
Terrell ISD-Kaufman County Sarah Gutierrez
Texarkana ISD Angela Bauman
Texas City ISD Tammy Jordan
Texhoma ISD Abby Chalmers
Texline ISD Angela Bauman
Thorndale ISD Kathy London
Thrall ISD Amy Kadlecek
Three Rivers ISD Abby Chalmers
Three Way ISD-Erath County Mary Kay Spellman
Throckmorton ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Tidehaven ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Timpson ISD Eric Narcisse
Tioga ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Tolar ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Tom Bean ISD Abby Chalmers
Tomball ISD Kathy London
Tornillo ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Trent ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Trenton ISD Abby Chalmers
Trinidad ISD Carolyn Austin
Trinity ISD Carolyn Austin
Troup ISD Angela Bauman
Troy ISD Amy Kadlecek
Tulia ISD Abby Chalmers
Tuloso-Midway ISD Carolyn Austin
Turkey-Quitaque ISD Carolyn Austin
Tyler ISD Sarah Gutierrez
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Union Grove ISD Amy Kadlecek
Union Hill ISD Kathy London
United ISD Amy Kadlecek
Utopia ISD Tammy Jordan
Uvalde CISD Tammy Jordan
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Valentine ISD Abby Chalmers
Valley Mills ISD Amy Kadlecek
Valley View ISD-Cooke County Tammy Jordan
Valley View ISD-Hidalgo County Angela Bauman
Van Alstyne ISD Amy Kadlecek
Van ISD Angela Bauman
Van Vleck ISD Abby Chalmers
Vega ISD Carolyn Austin
Venus ISD Abby Chalmers
Veribest ISD Abby Chalmers
Vernon ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Victoria ISD Amy Kadlecek
Vidor ISD Amy Kadlecek
Vysehrad ISD Angela Bauman
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Waco ISD Kathy London
Waelder ISD Abby Chalmers
Walcott ISD Abby Chalmers
Wall ISD Tammy Jordan
Waller ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Walnut Bend ISD Amy Kadlecek
Walnut Springs ISD Eric Narcisse
Warren ISD Angela Bauman
Waskom ISD Angela Bauman
Water Valley ISD Amy Kadlecek
Waxahachie ISD Carolyn Austin
Weatherford ISD Amy Kadlecek
Webb CISD Abby Chalmers
Weimar ISD Carolyn Austin
Wellington ISD Kathy London
Wellman-Union CISD Tammy Jordan
Wells ISD Tammy Jordan
Weslaco ISD Mary Kay Spellman
West Hardin County CISD Kathy London
West ISD Mary Kay Spellman
West Orange-Cove CISD Abby Chalmers
West Oso ISD Tammy Jordan
West Rusk County CISD Tammy Jordan
West Sabine ISD Amy Kadlecek
Westbrook ISD Tammy Jordan
Westhoff ISD Carolyn Austin
Westphalia ISD Angela Bauman
Westwood ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Wharton ISD Tammy Jordan
Wheeler ISD Tammy Jordan
White Deer ISD Abby Chalmers
White Oak ISD Kathy London
White Settlement ISD Tammy Jordan
Whiteface CISD Amy Kadlecek
Whitehouse ISD Amy Kadlecek
Whitesboro ISD Tammy Jordan
Whitewright ISD Mary Kay Spellman
Whitharral ISD Tammy Jordan
Whitney ISD Kathy London
Wichita Falls ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Wildorado ISD Sarah Gutierrez
Willis ISD Tammy Jordan
Wills Point ISD Amy Kadlecek
Wilson ISD Angela Bauman
Wimberley ISD Amy Kadlecek
Windthorst ISD Tammy Jordan
Winfield ISD Amy Kadlecek
Wink-Loving ISD Abby Chalmers
Winnsboro ISD Amy Kadlecek
Winona ISD Carolyn Austin
Winters ISD Kathy London
Woden ISD Tammy Jordan
Wolfe City ISD Carolyn Austin
Woodsboro ISD Angela Bauman
Woodson ISD Angela Bauman
Woodville ISD Kathy London
Wortham ISD Kathy London
Wylie ISD-Collin County Tammy Jordan
Wylie ISD-Taylor County Amy Kadlecek
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Yantis ISD Abby Chalmers
Yoakum ISD Angela Bauman
Yorktown ISD Tammy Jordan
Ysleta ISD Carolyn Austin
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Zapata County ISD Tammy Jordan
Zavalla ISD Angela Bauman
Zephyr ISD Carolyn Austin