Topics for TASB Legal Seminar Series 2017–2018

Full-day seminars in Austin, Commerce, Nacogdoches, Abilene, Amarillo, South Padre Island, Tyler, and El Paso will include the following sessions.

Role of the Individual Board Member

The Role of the Individual Board Member—School board members often feel like their rights as citizens are limited once they become elected officials—and they’re right! This session will provide an overview of how the courts have analyzed school board members’ First Amendment rights, as elected public officials and as private citizens, on matters such as social media, campaign and election laws, open records, and open meetings. Learn the right ways to share your views with fellow board members and the public, without crossing the line.

Bullying and Hazing

Bullying is recognized as a major impediment to safe and secure learning environments. This year, the Texas Legislature passed a new law to protect students from bullying and cyberbullying. Meanwhile, hazing incidents continue to come to light. This presentation will discuss policy and liability issues and offer you guidance on how to talk to your school community about preventing bullying and hazing.

Preventing Sexual Abuse of Public School Students

Key bills from the 2017 legislative session address continuing concerns about the risk of sexual abuse of children and youth in Texas. New laws address inappropriate relationships between educators and students, online privacy, human trafficking, and sex offenders on campus. This presentation will help you understand the policy and training that can support a secure environment for your students.

School District Websites and Online Data

Technology is a part of almost all school district operations, from instructional software to purchasing and communications. School boards have questions about use of social media, managing district websites, and cybersecurity. In this interactive session attendees will discuss potential issues and solutions to these real-life technology challenges in school districts.

Legislative and Legal Update

Now that the 2017 legislative sessions have ended, this extended “special session” will provide an overview of new laws and policies on budget and finance, student issues, curriculum and accountability, personnel purchasing, and more. We will focus on key legislative issues, then end the day with a Legal Services game show that will have you laughing all the way home. This session is offered for either 1.5 hours of Tier 3 continuing education credit or as the Tier 1 legislative updates required for experienced board members.