Nonrenewal and Use of Physical Force

The LAF Board previously approved filing an amicus brief in the case of Black v. Hart ISD (See LAF Docket, Summer 2013, Recent Decisions). After the district court held in favor of the school district, upholding the board’s decision to nonrenew Black’s contract, Black appealed to the Amarillo Court of Appeals. Black argues that Texas Education Code section 22.0512, which provides immunity for teachers who use physical force against students, protects a teacher from nonrenewal, even if the district shows substantial evidence to support other reasons for nonrenewal that are unrelated to the teacher’s use of physical force. LAF has approved continuing its assistance in this case by filing an amicus brief with the court of appeals. Black v. Williams & Hart Indep. Sch. Dist., No. 07-13-00192-CV, Seventh Court of Appeals—Amarillo. LAF’s Attorney: Randall J. Cook, Hardy Cook & Hardy, P.C., Tyler.