Policy Review Session for Community Colleges

Policies need routine check-ups too

Even with regular numbered updates and local district updates for your localized policy manual, board policies are fighting a constant battle against time and change. Changes in board composition and college district administration, in student demographics and college district size, in statutes, technology, and economic outlook—these things and more can cause even the best-maintained set of board policies to gradually fall out of date.

The answer to this maintenance conundrum is the Policy Review Session (PRS). In a PRS, the district's policy consultant works with the college president or chancellor and the board to evaluate and refresh the entire policy manual. At the end of a PRS, the college district's senior administration and trustees will come away with:

  • thoroughly examined and up-to-date policies
  • a sound education about the best policymaking practices
  • for new college presidents or chancellors and trustees, an excellent grounding in the college district's policies
  • an excellent opportunity to put the college district's policies on line

To schedule a PRS contact your policy consultant at 800-580-7529 or 512-467-0222.

The process 

The exact steps may vary from case to case, but a PRS will generally follow this outline:

  • Gathering information: The college district completes a questionnaire that addresses current demographics, practices, and statutory options the college district has exercised. The policy consultant will note any discrepancies and any policies that are out of date or that contain questionable provisions. 
  • College district visit and board training session: The policy consultant visits the college district, works with the chancellor or president and other senior administrators to discuss any necessary or recommended policy changes and then conducts board training to familiarize trustees with their role as stewards of the college district's policies.
  • Policy recommendations and summary: Following the visit to the college district, the policy consultant assembles a packet of recommended changes to the college district's policies and sends a "PRS Summary," a checklist document that summarizes the changes and invites the chancellor or president and board to approve or reject each one or make additional changes. 
  • Wrap-up and place on line: The consultant makes any requested revisions and sends a reprinted copy of the manual to the college district. The board then adopts all the local policies in the reprinted manual. TASB updates the online version of the college district's local policy manual, if the district uses Policy On Line.