Policy Service Numbered Updates
for Community Colleges

Proactive Policy Maintenance

College districts with localized policy manuals receive from TASB one major policy update—called "numbered updates" because they are numbered sequentially—per year. These updates respond to changes in state and federal law, court cases, and decisions by attorneys general.

Updates are delivered as packets containing both statutory legal changes and TASB's suggestions for the college district's local policies. Each packet is uniquely tailored to the individual college district by our policy consultants based on TASB's records of the college district's policies. (Disclaimer: TASB's comments in the context of an update are for educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. The college district must consult its own attorney.)

What's in the numbered update?

Each update packet contains a cover letter, instructions for updating the college district's hard-copy manuals, and the newly proposed policies. In addition, Policy Service includes explanatory notes for the college president or chancellor that describe the proposed changes to each policy in detail. 

Delivery format

Update packets are provided in print, and if a Policy On Line subscriber, in both print and electronic formats. The electronic versions of the update packets are made available online to college presidents and chancellors via the myTASB application called Local Manual Updates. In addition to providing the full update packet in PDF format, this application also includes the following items:

  • copies of  the college district's proposed local policies in Word
  • annotated copies of the proposed local policy changes in PDF format
  • an agenda posting template in Word that contains a list of the local policies included in the update with their titles and subtitles

The final word

Note, in numbered updates, TASB is only making recommendations concerning the college district's local policies. The board of trustees always has the final say regarding policy changes.