Policy Service Local District Updates
for Community Colleges

Producing the perfect policy

"Local District Update" (LDU) is a fancy name for a simple thing:  a policy change, or a set of changes, initiated by the college district.

It is imperative for college districts with localized policy manuals and Policy On Line to submit local policy changes to their TASB policy consultant so that  the consultant can incorporate the changes into the TASB Policy Service database. These LDUs ensure that our records reflect the college district's current policies. 

The procedure

When the college district begins discussion of local policy changes, the administration should contact the college district's policy consultant, who can assist with placement of any new text, review the proposed changes for possible issues regarding consistency with the rest of the manual, and create drafts for board action.

After the policy is finalized and adopted by the board, the policy consultant enters the new text into the TASB Policy Service database and a proofreader checks the text for grammar, spelling, and consistency with policy style and formatting. The consultant may also ask the Legal Services attorney who works with community colleges to review the text and alert the college district to any potential legal issues. TASB mails the college district a hard copy of the new policy and, if the district uses Policy On Line, TASB will place the new policy on the Web.

The final word

Please note that comments and suggestions from your policy consultant are advisory in nature only and do not constitute legal advice. As the policy making authority for the college district, the board of trustees always has the final say regarding policy changes.