What is TASB ISD?

TASB Institute for School Trustee Development (ISD) is a series of training and board development sessions designed as a recommended course of study for new board members. New board members/trustees can use this curriculum as a road map for their first year of continuing education knowing they will receive a comprehensive foundation in the basics new trustees need to know to be productive right away.

TASB ISD’s workshops are in-depth (2.5 hours each,) interactive, practical, and include valuable information trustees can share with their entire team.

Who is TASB ISD for?

TASB ISD sessions are designed especially to meet the needs of first-year trustees who want to get a broad overview of their responsibilities and develop important skills early in their tenure.

All trustees are welcome to attend the TASB ISD courses. These in-depth sessions provide a great overview of fundamental subjects for any trustee, and experienced trustees tell us they provide a great refresher course in good governance.

Why should I participate in TASB ISD?

TASB ISD gives you the a more complete foundation in understanding the broad range of board member responsibilities than randomly selecting individual continuing education courses. And the extra effort to take all four courses demonstrates a commitment to learning above and beyond the minimum required hours of continuing education credit that can help build your credibility with colleagues on the board and with district administration. Learn more about the benefits.

How do I get started?

The TASB ISD course calendar shows classes scheduled for upcoming conferences. Just register for the conference most convenient for you and check the program for workshops labeled "TASB ISD."

Can I get TASB ISD workshops close to home?

TASB ISD workshops can be delivered in your district for your board alone, or as a regional workshop for several boards in your area. The first course in the series, Boardsmanship Basics, is often presented at TASB regional spring workshops as well.

Who do I contact if I still have questions about TASB ISD?

E-mail lts@tasb.org or call 512.467.0222, extension 6161.