Leadership TASB Application Process


Leadership TASB (LTASB) is open to all school board trustees who have completed one of the following:

  • A minimum 36 hours of documented board member continuing education
  • A minimum 30 hours of board member continuing education, which includes all core TASB ISD classes

Applicants must also show evidence of demonstrated leadership ability on their local school board and in their community, and must be able to commit to attend sessions on the designated dates for the program year.


Class members are selected by a committee composed of Leadership TASB graduates. The committee strives to select participants that represent:

  • Each of the 20 education service center regions
  • The ethnic diversity of the state
  • Districts of varying size and property wealth
  • A range of ages and years of board service

The committee's selection for each class is presented to the Member Services Committee of the TASB Board for approval.

Enrollment is limited. When more than one person from a district applies, applicants from other districts will be given priority consideration before the committee considers selecting two individuals from the same district. Candidates who are not selected are encouraged to reapply for a subsequent year’s class.

Request an application by e-mail

Interested school board members may request an application at any time during the year and will be placed on a waiting list until applications are available in the spring. Applications will be available by May 1 and must be returned to TASB no later than July 1 to be eligible for consideration for the upcoming year’s class.