Consulting Services

District improvement planning services

Leadership Team Services (LTS) can help your district plan more systematically, integrate board goals with site-based improvement planning, and move from plan development to measuring results for real improvement. Services and time frames are customized to meet a district's specific needs. To learn more about our planning services, contact or call us at 800.580.8272, extension 2452.

Board Operations services

LTS consultants work with boards around the state. We can assist the board with best practices for board work, with developing appropriate operating procedures for the board, with superintendent evaluation processes–with an array of useful skills and procedures to make sure the board is functioning as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Facilitation services

TASB Board of Directors trainingIf you need a skilled facilitator to help with a group meeting for a special district project, call to us see how we might help. Our experienced facilitators have assisted groups both small and large composed of board members, district employees, and community members in exploring issues such as bond elections, changing attendance zones, and even consolidation. We'll guide the process for managing group input and decision making so that consensus decisions can be reached and you can participate more fully. Contact or call us at 800.580.8272, extension 2452.

Free phone consultation

Collectively, our LTS consultants have over 100 years of experience in working with and/or serving on school boards. Call us anytime you have questions or concerns about how your team is working together or performing its responsibilities. We can provide advice on effective practices for conducting board business or help you work through a problem to identify options and solutions. We can point you toward additional resources that may help you with particular issues you are facing, too. Call us between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or send us an e-mail anytime and let us know the best time to reach you for a conversation.

Other consultation services

If you need more assistance than phone advice can provide, LTS consultants can work with you to provide additional advice and support on a fee basis. For example, we can provide:

  • Follow-up consultation with the superintendent and board president, key administrators, or a board committee after district planning or team-building workshops
  • Feedback on the superintendent performance goals you've drafted
  • Advice on identifying measurable objectives or action plans to achieve goals you've developed
  • Review of team operating procedures you've drafted to identify potential problems

 Contact us to see how we can help you with your unique challenges.