Superintendent Evaluation Resources

Below are resources on superintendent evaluation that may be useful to boards and superintendents in preparing for the annual evaluation.

Administrator Appraisal Rule

Texas Administrative Code rule that outlines the commissioner's recommended appraisal process and criteria for appraising administrators, including superintendents.


A New Board Member's Guide to Superintendent Evaluation

This publication is designed to help new board members prepare for and participate in the superintendent's evaluation. Written in a clear and concise manner, A New Board Member's Guide to Superintendent Evaluation is a step-by-step resource that you will refer to again and again. This guide features:

  • A brief overview of the legal requirements for the superintendent's evaluation
  • An explanation of how this process is different from other evaluations in which you may have participated
  • Information you will need to obtain before the evaluation
  • Tips on how to participate constructively in your first superintendent evaluation

A President’s Guide to Facilitating Superintendent Evaluations

This publication is designed to help board presidents lead the board through a year-long superintendent evaluation cycle. Full of tips and “things to do” lists, this book includes information about conducting interim evaluations, preparing for and facilitating the end-of-year summative evaluation, and putting together a step-by-step process. Also includes tips for training new board members in the evaluation process and how to use the evaluation when considering compensation and contract revisions.

Developing Superintendent Performance Goals

Performance goals for the superintendent should be the most important component of the chief administrator’s evaluation and be incorporated into the evaluation instrument. This publication describes how to develop clear, measurable, meaningful goals for the superintendent that can focus the evaluation on the things most critical to the board and the district. Includes plenty of tips and cautions to keep the process productive.

Focusing the Superintendent Evaluation Instrument on Results

Evaluating another person’s performance should be as objective a process as possible, and TASB’s superintendent evaluation instrument is designed to move school boards substantially closer to this process. To help utilize this instrument to its best potential, TASB’s latest publication, Focusing the Superintendent Evaluation Instrument on Results, provides an overview of an effective superintendent evaluation instrument and how the board can use concrete information upon which to judge the superintendent’s past performance. It also focuses on how the instrument should be used as a key component in the district’s improvement planning process.

Sample Superintendent Evaluation Instrument

TASB sample evaluation instrument (pdf) extensively revised in November 2006. This document includes a brief explanation of the revisions and instructions for use. Please note that the instrument requires the local board to fill in priority performance goals for the superintendent, which must be developed locally, and requires the board to make decisions about other items on the instrument. Decision points are indicated in the side notes. An editable version of the form (doc), without the instructions and side notes, is also available.

Student Performance Domain Worksheet

The Commissioner's Recommended Student Performance Domain Worksheet is the form the superintendent fills out and provides to the board for consideration as it fills out its locally adopted evaluation instrument. Learn more about this document .

Sample Superintendent Evaluation Procedure

A sample team operating procedure (pdf) that outlines possible steps and a calendar for superintendent evaluation in a local district. This may be used by a board-superintendent team as a starting point to identify specific steps to include in their local evaluation process.

Sample Superintendent Performance Goals

Examples of superintendent performance goals (pdf) related to district goals.

Sample Superintendent Evaluation Calendar

An example of an annual calendar (pdf) that might be used to schedule various steps in the superintendent's evaluation.

Evaluation as a Tool

An article (pdf) that outlines the goals based approach to superintendent evaluation. From Texas Lone Star.