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For Candidates

Guide for School Board Candidates - A must-have for informed candidates.

For New Board Members

Getting Started as a New School Board Member - A concise overview of the structure of school governance, the board's role and operations, and keys to effective service.

A New Board Member’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure - An overview of the parliamentary rules that board members are most likely to use.

A New Board Member's Guide to Superintendent Evaluation - Helps new board members prepare for productive participation in the superintendent's evaluation.

For Board Presidents

Getting Started as a New School Board President - Tips for building strong relationships with the superintendent and board, speaking on behalf of the board to the community, and preparing for and conducting meetings.

A Board President’s Guide to Meeting Preparation - Tips on preparing an annual calendar for meeting topics and other board activities, preparing agendas with the superintendent, and designing a template for background information to ensure the board has adequate information for decision making.

A Board President’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure - An overview of the parliamentary rules school board presidents are most likely to use. Includes clarification of some frequently misunderstood or misused rules and motion charts that can be used as references in meetings.

A President’s Guide to Facilitating Superintendent Evaluations - Includes information to help presidents lead the board through interim evaluations, preparing for and facilitating the end-of-year summative evaluation, and putting together a step-by-step process.

For Leadership Teams

Developing Superintendent Performance Goals

Describes how to develop clear, measurable, meaningful goals for the superintendent that can focus the evaluation on the things most critical to the board and the district.

Focusing the Superintendent Evaluation Instrument on Results - Provides the board with a how-to guide when implementing TASB's sample superintendent evaluation instrument.

Effective Board Practices: An Inventory for School Boards - Assists board-superitnendent teams in comparing themselves to the characteristics of truly effective boards. It looks at the areas of planning and governance, oversight of management. Includes eight bound copies.