Winter Governance and Legal Seminar


Who is ConferenceDirect? Why do hotels fill up so fast?


When should I arrive in Galveston for WGLS? Will there be a shuttle this year? Do I have to send a copy of my purchase order to TASB? How do I cancel a conference registration? Where do I mail checks for WGLS registration? Can I pay the WGLS conference registration fees onsite when I get there?

Hotel payment

I want to guarantee the hotel reservations by check not a credit card, what do I do? Where can I find a tax exempt form? What are my hotel payment options at check in? Can I use frequent traveler or rewards points to pay for my hotel reservation? I already booked a hotel room directly with a hotel but the rate is really high. How do I get the WGLS group rate applied to my room?

Hotel reservations

I'm registered. How do I book my hotel? I have my hotel. How do I register for the conference? What is the best way to reserve a hotel room for WGLS? I don’t know who from my district is attending yet, but I want to book hotels to make sure all my people get in. Is there a way to do that? How do I book a block of rooms? How does WGLS Housing & Travel process room requests? I am an Administrative Professional booking hotel accommodations for someone else. How do I make their hotel request? I called the hotel and they don't have my reservation. Should I panic? Can I make changes to my WGLS Housing reservation directly with the hotel? Where are WGLS hotels located?


How do I make a waitlist request? How close am I to the top of the waitlist? How will I know my waitlist request has been fulfilled? The hotel I want isn’t available. Can I get on a waitlist? What if my waitlist request is fulfilled and I no longer need a hotel reservation? How do I cancel my waitlist request? What are the waitlist policies?

Still have more questions?

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