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HR Services webinars are free for HR Services members as of September 1, 2016. They offer district teams the opportunity to get needed training without leaving the office. Participants from member districts need to register to view any of the webinars. A description of each webinar is listed below.

Recorded Webinars Available for Viewing



ACA Reporting Requirements   WATCH
ACA Roadmap   WATCH
Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace   WATCH
Calculating Overtime for Nonexempt Employees   WATCH
Developing Better Job Descriptions   WATCH
Effective Interview Questions for Teachers   WATCH
FMLA for Public Schools   WATCH
Leaves and Absences in Public Schools   WATCH
Pricing it Right—Stipends and Extra Duty Pay   WATCH
Six Steps to Better Pay Plans   WATCH

ACA Reporting Requirements

This webinar walks through IRS reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act, including an overview of the forms for employer reporting (1094-C and 1095-C) and for reporting by self-insured entities (1094-B and 1095-B). Topics include reporting deadlines, Series 1 and Series 2 codes (1095-C, Part II), enrollment reporting (1095-C, Part III), and the authoritative transmittal (1094-C).

ACA Roadmap

This webinar lays out the roadmap for ACA compliance, beginning with the importance of determining the size of your workforce under ACA rules, the requirement to offer coverage, the affordability requirement; strategies for  managing the affordability penalty with substitutes; and finishing with what your district needs to do now to prepare for IRS reporting requirements. This webinar is designed for any district that has 35 or more employees.

Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace

HR administrators and supervisors need to know how to respond to employees who need or request an accommodation because of a disability, medical issue, and return to work limitations. The challenges in these situations include determining what qualifies as a disability, identifying reasonable accommodations, and insuring the process is interactive. Presenters will provide a common sense approach to implementing a process that is efficient and compliant with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Calculating Overtime for Nonexempt Employees

Whether you have a timekeeping system that calculates overtime or you have to do it by hand you still need to understand what employees are entitled to be paid. This session covers “regular rate of pay” calculations, blended rates, and calculating overtime in a variety of situations that are common to school districts. Recording and paying overtime in the form of compensatory time off will also be covered.

Developing Better Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are used for a wide variety of HR decisions and actions including setting and communicating job performance requirements, supporting FMLA return to work decisions, making reasonable accommodations in compliance with the ADA, and supporting FLSA exemption designations. The quality of job descriptions will determine whether they help or hinder HR needs. Presenters will outline six straightforward steps you can use to create a realistic plan for developing and updating district job descriptions. Suggestions for project planning, collecting data, writing and reviewing job descriptions, and avoiding common mistakes will be provided.

Effective Interview Questions for Teachers

The two keys to good interviews are using questions that identify the critical attributes of effective teachers and knowing how to assess candidate responses. This webinar will discuss resources for developing appropriate questions and provide suggestions for developing a guide that campus-based interview teams can use to identify qualified candidates.

FMLA for Public Schools

Administering the Family and Medical Leave Act can be challenging since each situation is unique. This webinar will identify common challenges districts encounter which include processing intermittent leave requests from instructional staff. Presenters will also discuss procedures for identifying qualifying events, applying eligibility criteria, and obtaining and evaluating medical certifications.

Leaves and Absences in Public Schools

State and federal laws require Texas school districts to provide employees with numerous leave benefits that are often supplemented by local programs. As a result, leave administration can be complicated and confusing. This webinar provides an overview of the various types of leave for public school employees and identifies resources for administering leave.

Pricing it Right—Stipends and Extra Duty Pay

School districts frequently use stipends to compensate employees performing extra duties beyond their regular assignment. This webinar outlines current practices and common extra duty plans used by Texas districts. Participants will learn the logic behind paying a stipend and methods for determining if the stipend is right for their district. Summary stipend survey data and a framework for assessing your district’s approach are presented.

Six Steps to Better Pay Plans

Pay plans control the largest portion of the school budget as the mechanism for distributing payroll dollars. To be most effective, pay plans must be built properly, reflect district goals and values, and be updated as market values change. This requires setting the right parameters for the pay structure, keeping a tight alignment with the right market benchmarks, and placing jobs correctly in the pay plan. Controlling pay equity among employees requires active management by plan administrators. This webinar for pay plan designers and administrators will describe six steps to achieving a better pay plan for your district.

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