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In-District Training

Saving time and money

Subscribing districts can arrange on-site training or workshops for board members and staff on a variety of human resource topics. Workshops can be customized to meet the unique needs of your district. You can limit participation to your staff or serve as a host district by inviting other districts to participate and share the cost of consulting fees and travel. For additional information or to schedule a workshop in your district, contact HR Services at 800.580.7782 or

Training Topics

Workshop Title
Winning at Customer Service
Supervising for Success
HR Legal Issues for Supervisors
The Right Way to Hire the Right People
Wage and Hour Rules for Public Schools
M.I.A.—Managing Inevitable Absences
Get a Grip on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Other Duties As Assigned—Job Descriptions That Work

Winning at Customer Service   

Campus and central office support staff that interact directly with parents, staff, and the public can have a big impact—positive or negative—on your school district’s culture and PR image.  This  half-day of fun and  interactive training, led by an experienced HR professional, will show them the best ways to handle their most challenging customer service scenarios and be the district’s hero. Employees will learn from the workshop leader and from each other in ways that engage and inform.

Topics covered:

  • Identifying your customers
  • The impact of first impressions
  • Five things important to all customers
  • Words and phrases that build a caring image
  • Winning tips for telephone and e-mail
  • Replaying customer scenarios for success

Supervising for Success   

Do your supervisors feel like they spend most of their time dealing with dramas created by just a few of their employees? In this one-day workshop supervisors will learn how to coach employees to do their jobs more effectively and to identify how and when to address unacceptable behavior and performance.

Topics Covered:

  • Defining and communicating expectations
  • Coaching employees towards success
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Preparing for evaluation conferences

HR Legal Issues for Supervisors   

Supervisors need to understand the rules of the game and how to avoid placing the district at risk for employee grievances and lawsuits. This workshop will give supervisors a basic understanding of the major employee rights laws and how to prevent claims of discrimination, retaliation, and unfair treatment. Practical hands-on case studies and group discussions will show supervisors how to handle personnel situations appropriately.

Topics Covered:

  • HR laws that every supervisor must know
  • Tips for hiring the right person
  • Principles of the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Avoiding charges of discrimination and wrongful treatment
  • Dealing with illness and disability issues
  • Addressing performance problems

The Right Way to Hire the Right People   

Hiring the right person for the job is the key to ensuring the employee’s success, improving the effectiveness of the work team or department, and reducing employee turnover. Participants will develop their hiring and interviewing skills through activities that demonstrate how to identify critical job skills and attributes, design the best interview questions, and conduct behavioral interviews. Using these techniques will increase the district’s success in selecting the right person to fill every vacancy.

Topics covered:

  • Identifying critical attributes for success
  • Developing the best interview questions
  • Conducting behavioral interviews
  • Probing for critical information
  • Identifying red flags
  • Getting the most out of reference checks

Wage and Hour Rules for Public Schools   

The consequences for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) can be costly. Understanding the basic components of the FLSA can reduce the district’s risk for wage and hour complaints. The keys to success are making sure exemption tests are correctly applied, knowing how to identify compensable time, and ensuring nonexempt employees are compensated appropriately when overtime is worked. This workshop provides an overview of the key FLSA concepts and includes practical examples of how to calculate overtime correctly.

Topics Covered:

  • Determining exemption status
  • Identifying compensable time
  • Recognizing when overtime has occurred
  • Compensating and managing overtime
  • Computing the overtime rate
  • Complying with recordkeeping requirements

M.I.A.—Managing Inevitable Absences     

It’s inevitable—employees are going to miss work. The challenge is keeping up with who is out, what type of leave applies, and managing notifications and return to work. The first step is to identify and understand the leave benefits available to public school employees. This workshop explains the various types of leave and how they interact. Other topics covered include communicating with departments and employees, coordinating leave and workers’ compensation benefits, understanding the role of policy, processing leave, and identifying strategies for reducing employee absences.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding state and federal leave benefits
  • Defining local leave benefits and policy
  • Coordinating and managing leave efficiently
  • Controlling absence rates

Get a Grip on the FMLA   

Every leave request is unique, so how do you get a grip on all the rules for applying and processing family and medical leave? Using actual situations in exercises and case studies, participants will learn how to apply the latest FMLA regulations, identify potential problem areas, and develop procedures for administering family and medical leave. Scenarios related to standard FMLA, leave for qualifying exigency, and military caregiver leave will be used to discover answers to the most frequently asked family and medical leave questions.

Topics Covered:

  • Determining FML eligibility
  • Understanding qualifying events
  • Implementing administrative procedures for tracking and coordinating leave
  • Meeting employer obligations
  • Communicating employee rights and responsibilities

Other Duties as Assigned—Job Descriptions That Work    

Amendments to the ADA and recent changes to the FMLA regulations serve as reminders that job descriptions are essential to effective HR management. The challenge is to find a practical and efficient method for revising or creating up-to-date and accurate descriptions for every position in the district. This workshop reveals the secrets to writing functional, low maintenance job descriptions that support administrative decisions related to hiring, pay classification, exemption status, ADA compliance, performance management, fitness to return to work, and more.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating complete and practical job descriptions
  • Organizing and coordinating the writing or updating process
  • Defining "level-cutters" that distinguish skills and responsibility
  • Distinguishing exempt from nonexempt jobs
  • Using job descriptions in performance management
  • Identifying useful resources
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