March 2018, Vol. 1

High-Quality Prekindergarten Program Teacher Training and Qualifications

During the past few years, Texas has increased its focus on improving prekindergarten programs as a means to improve early reading, math, and social development.

The Dos and Don’ts of FML

We've put together a list of dos and don’ts that should help HR staff with some relevant Family and Medical Leave guidance.

Extra-Duty Stipend Survey Results for 2017–2018

Extra-duty pay for high school football coaches as well as stipend payment methods revealed in latest stipend survey results.


Upcoming Events
Supervisor's Guide to Managing Employees
April 4, 2018

ESC 11

Demonstrates how to handle personnel situations appropriately and how to coach employees to do their jobs more effectively.

Managing Personnel Records
April 10, 2018


Answers five key questions about maintaining personnel records effectively.

Get a Grip on the FMLA
April 12, 2018


Uses scenarios to show how to apply the FMLA regulations, identify potential problem areas, and develop procedures for administering family and medical leave.