November 2017, Vol. 2

Temporary Disability Leave and eligibility

What is Temporary Disability Leave (TDL) and who is eligible for this leave type? Find out in this month's Q&A!

Accessibility and translation crucial to district-employee communication

It’s important for HR staff to ask questions internally about what their district is doing to accommodate its employees.

Myths: duty days and salary in employment contracts

Should duty days and salary be written into the employment contract for each employee? Find the answer to this and other questions in this article.

Upcoming Events
Dollars and Sense—Good Pay Practices
Nov. 28, 2017

TASB offices

Understanding the strategy and architecture behind the district’s compensation plan is critical to recruiting and retaining top-notch staff and controlling costs. This workshop is designed for anyone who administers pay, recommends salaries, or explains it to employees or the board of trustees. Key components of pay administration will be covered including pay strategies, pay structures, pay adjustments, and placement for new or promoted employees.

Coordinating and Reporting Workers' Compensation Absences
Dec. 5, 2017


Administering the district’s workers’ compensation program effectively requires an understanding of the various leave programs that apply when an employee is unable to work. Failure to follow state and federal requirements could result in potential fines or expenses. This session explains the interaction between workers’ compensation and leave benefits and illustrate how these programs impact pay, health insurance premium contributions, and job restoration rights. Suggestions for overcoming the challenge of coordinating benefits and managing special situations will be provided.

Understanding Staffing
Jan. 23, 2018


Personnel costs make up the majority of a school district’s annual operating budget. Efficient use of staff starts with planning and preparation. What steps can you take to determine if your staffing levels are appropriate and if staffing allocations are aligned with district goals? This webinar will discuss how districts can review current staffing patterns objectively and create a plan for strategically staffing in the future.

Supervisor's Guide to Managing Employees
Jan. 25, 2018


Supervisors need to understand basics of employment law and how to avoid placing the district at risk for employee grievances and lawsuits. This workshop will give supervisors a basic understanding of the major employment laws and how to prevent claims of discrimination, retaliation, and unfair treatment. Practical hands-on case studies and group discussions will show supervisors how to handle personnel situations appropriately and coach employees to do their jobs more effectively.