January 2017, Vol. 1

Building teacher career pathways in Texas schools

Career pathways provide opportunities for professionals with advanced skills and abilities to do more—and earn more—by taking on more complex work assignments.

How to overcome recruiting challenges in rural districts

Recruiting quality teachers is a challenge every district faces on an ongoing basis, but the difficulty in doing so is amplified for districts in rural areas of the state.

Teacher salaries rising, but pay increases flat for 2016‒17

The median Texas teacher salary rose to $47,283, an increase of 2 percent over last year’s median of $46,450, according to the 2016‒17 TASB Salary Survey. Median teacher salaries have been steadily rising since 2012.

Upcoming Events
Hiring Effective Teachers and Keeping Them
Feb. 8, 2017

ESC 11—Fort Worth

The key to improving student performance is ensuring that each classroom is staffed with an effective teacher. Selecting the right teacher involves using interview questions based on teaching competencies and knowing how to identify effective responses. Issues in teacher retention and engagement will be discussed and strategies for keeping top performers will be presented.

Writing Effective Job Descriptions
Feb. 15, 2017

ESC 20—San Antonio

This workshop reveals the secrets to writing functional, low maintenance job descriptions that support administrative decisions related to hiring, pay classification, exemption status, ADA compliance, performance management, fitness to return to work, and more.

Determining Employment Status and Benefits
Feb. 22, 2017

ESC 7—Kilgore

Ever wondered what to do with a retired, part-time, volunteer, substitute employee? Determining employment status is complicated due to the many state and federal rules that apply. Employment classification can affect rights and entitlements, pay and benefits, assignments and schedules, and even terms of employment. Improper classification can carry hefty fines and penalties for school districts. This workshop will provide an in-depth explanation of the various employment categories and how to classify employees correctly.

Effective Interview Questions for Teachers
Feb. 28, 2017


The two keys to good interviews are using questions that identify the critical attributes of effective teachers and knowing how to assess candidate responses. This webinar will discuss resources for developing appropriate questions and provide suggestions for developing a guide that campus-based interview teams can use to identify qualified candidates.