February 2017, Vol. 2

Substitute employees and unemployment claims

In this month's Q&A, we have three questions and answers focusing on substitute employees and their eligibility to claim unemployment benefits.

BEST: An acronym with a twist

Bryan ISD's targeted compensation plan focuses on increasing academic success and attracting and retaining high-performing classroom teachers.

8 tips for getting started on Twitter

Considering the opportunities to market district culture, the ability to network, recruit, and keep up with the latest news, Twitter provides numerous benefits for someone in an HR role.

Upcoming Events
Effective Interview Questions for Teachers
Feb. 28, 2017


The two keys to good interviews are using questions that identify the critical attributes of effective teachers and knowing how to assess candidate responses. This webinar will discuss resources for developing appropriate questions and provide suggestions for developing a guide that campus-based interview teams can use to identify qualified candidates. Register now.