November 2016, Vol. 2

Holidays and FMLA

Do holidays count toward an employee’s FML entitlement? Find out in this month's Q&A!

Using HRIS effectively

Knowing your HR Information System’s capabilities and maximizing them for your district’s benefit will inspire greatness in your department.

The importance of school climate and how to improve it

School climate impacts multiple variables in a school’s success, from retaining teachers to overall achievement. Here's how to improve yours.

Upcoming Events
Leaves and Absences in Public Schools
Dec. 6, 2016


State and federal laws require Texas school districts to provide employees with numerous leave benefits that are often supplemented by local programs. As a result, leave administration can be complicated and confusing. This webinar provides an overview of the various types of leave for public school employees and identifies resources for administering leave, and is free to members.