November 2016, Vol. 1

Top 10 things HR should share with their board of trustees

HR is responsible for a wide range of topics their board members should know about—far more than just employee discipline.

Superintendent pay increases inch up for 2016–17

Pay increases for superintendents averaged 3.2 percent for 2016–17. Superintendents in non-metro fast-growing districts got the biggest pay raises. More details are available in this article.

Managing leave during workers' comp absences

Employee absences come in many different forms. Find out the differences and how to approach them here.

Upcoming Events
Classifying Jobs and Managing Pay Actions
Nov. 17, 2016

TASB Offices—Austin, TX

Proper classification of jobs lays the foundation for district pay plans. Job classification involves determining how to place jobs into pay groups and assigning each job to the best pay grade level. In addition, pay plan administrators must assume responsibility for managing individual pay actions and maintaining internal pay controls. This workshop will address these issues and outline the processes involved. Seasoned compensation consultants will provide participants with hands-on practice and guided instruction.

Leaves and Absences in Public Schools
Dec. 6, 2016


State and federal laws require Texas school districts to provide employees with numerous leave benefits that are often supplemented by local programs. As a result, leave administration can be complicated and confusing. This webinar provides an overview of the various types of leave for public school employees and identifies resources for administering leave.