May 2016

Pay increases hold steady in 2016-17

School districts anticipate conservative pay raises for 2016‒17. Increases statewide are impacted by location and enrollment size.

FLSA Update—Three ways to prepare for the final rules

As we wait (and wait!) for the Department of Labor (DOL) to release its final rule updating the salary threshold for exemption status, there are a few steps district staff can take to help prepare for impending changes.

Teacher professional development survey results: School district policies and practices highlighted

HR Services’ recent teacher professional development survey results offer insight into scheduling practices, number of required days, and use of TEA waivers in Texas schools.

The top challenges facing HR

The field of human resources has been around for more than a century, but as the workplace continues to evolve, so must the HR profession. We take a look at some of the field's biggest challenges for the future.

The new age of career discovery

The successful matchmaking website recently unveiled the beta version of its next venture, Elevated Careers by eHarmony. Is this the way Generation Z will look for jobs?


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The Department of Labor released its final rule on May 17, updating the salary threshold for exemption status. Click here for three things school districts should do to prepare.

Can we release personnel information to someone acting on behalf of an employee? Find out here!
Upcoming Events
Communicating with Employees about Pay
May 17, 2016


Employees should understand the fundamental values and strategy behind the district’s compensation plan and how decisions are made. However, talking with current employees about compensation can be challenging. Not only is pay a sensitive topic that can cause emotional reactions, but it’s also complex and can be difficult to understand and explain to others. This webinar will provide HR and Finance staff with ways to clearly and simply explain complex pay concepts to current employees and tools for improving how pay information is communicated to prospective employees.

Managing State and Federal Leave
June 7, 2016

TASB Offices-Austin, TX
The challenges of leave administration include keeping up with who is absent, what type of leave applies, and managing notifications and return to work processes. This workshop explains the various types of leave benefits for public school employees and how they interact. Strategies for communicating with departments and employees, coordinating leave and workers’ compensation benefits, and absence control strategies will be discussed.

Get a Grip on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
June 8, 2016

TASB Offices-Austin, TX
Every leave request is unique, so how do you get a grip on all the rules for applying and processing family and medical leave?  Using actual situations in exercises and case studies, participants will learn how to apply the FMLA regulations, identify potential problem areas, and develop procedures for administering family and medical leave. Scenarios related to standard FMLA, leave for qualifying exigency, and military caregiver leave will be used to discover answers to the most frequently asked family and medical leave questions.