March 2016

Getting ready for T-TESS

T-TESS, the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System, is coming soon and it promises to be a sea change in the way teachers and instructional leaders work together.

ACA Reporting: Frequently Asked Questions

As the reporting deadlines under the Affordable Care Act near, many new questions arise regarding compliance with the IRS.

Discrimination charges continue to rise in Texas

With the highest number of discrimination charges in almost every major category, Texas is the state with perhaps the greatest need for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) training.

Revisit your reference-checking procedures before peak hiring season

It’s almost time for school HR departments to start the hiring cycle for 2016‒17. Is your reference-checking process up to the task?

Strong social media practices beneficial to district employers

With ongoing teacher shortages, many districts are turning to social media to recruit young talent.


HR survey in DataCentral covers teacher professional development
Use a peer review to improve your HR organization and operations
Welcome our new communications specialist
Under the new T-TESS appraisal system, does the end-of-year conference have to be completed before we can recommend nonrenewal of a teacher's contract to the Board of Trustees? Find out here!
Upcoming Events
Managing Personnel Records Effectively
April 5, 2016

ESC 3—Victoria

Do you know what documents should be kept and for how long? This workshop will help you ensure your personnel records are complete and accurate and to reduce the time, effort, and space required to manage both paper and electronic personnel records.

Developing Better Job Descriptions
April 19, 2016


Job descriptions are used for a wide variety of HR decisions and actions including setting and communicating job performance requirements, supporting FMLA return to work decisions, making reasonable accommodations in compliance with the ADA, and supporting FLSA exemption designations. The quality of job descriptions will determine whether they help or hinder HR needs. Presenters will outline six straightforward steps you can use to create a realistic plan for developing and updating district job descriptions. Suggestions for project planning, collecting data, writing and reviewing job descriptions, and avoiding common mistakes will be provided.

Communicating with Employees about Pay
May 17, 2016


Employees should understand the fundamental values and strategy behind the district’s compensation plan and how decisions are made. However, talking with current employees about compensation can be challenging. Not only is pay a sensitive topic that can cause emotional reactions, but it’s also complex and can be difficult to understand and explain to others. This webinar will provide HR and Finance staff with ways to clearly and simply explain complex pay concepts to current employees and tools for improving how pay information is communicated to prospective employees.