February 2016

Survey Charts

Testing Survey Charts

TEA has new power to secure information in misconduct cases

Educator misconduct cases seem to be in the news daily, keeping TEA’s Educator Investigations office busy. Director Doug Phillips talks about how the department’s new subpoena powers are working.

Texas Tech’s teacher prep program gets $7M for Gates-funded reform

The Gates Foundation announced its intent to focus its education reform efforts on teacher preparation in April 2015. Its first effort includes a grant for Texas Tech's College of Education.

Superintendents happy with jobs in face of challenging role

More than three-quarters of superintendents are satisfied with their career choice and would do it over again, according to a study by AASA.

Extra-Duty Stipend Survey results provide data on more than 70 jobs

New Extra-Duty Stipend Survey results close out HR Services survey season. More than 70 assignments are included.

Understanding the details of joint employment

A new Administrator’s Interpretation on joint employment should be reviewed by districts that take part in an educational co-op or outsource school district functions.


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Upcoming Events
Hiring Effective Teachers and Keeping Them
Feb. 10, 2016

ESC 20—San Antonio

The key to improving student performance is ensuring that each classroom is staffed with an effective teacher. Selecting the right teacher involves using interview questions based on teaching competencies and knowing how to identify effective responses. Issues in teacher retention and engagement will be discussed and strategies for keeping top performers will be presented.

FMLA for Public Schools
Feb. 23, 2016


Administering the Family and Medical Leave Act can be challenging since each situation is unique. This webinar will identify common challenges districts encounter which include processing intermittent leave requests from instructional staff. Presenters will also discuss procedures for identifying qualifying events, applying eligibility criteria, and obtaining and evaluating medical certifications.

Managing Personnel Records Effectively
April 5, 2016

ESC 3—Victoria

Do you know what documents should be kept and for how long? This workshop will help you ensure your personnel records are complete and accurate and to reduce the time, effort, and space required to manage both paper and electronic personnel records.