December 2015

New educator pool increases, more minorities seeking teaching positions

More new educators in the teacher pipeline is good news for recruiters as they prepare to hit the road. A modest increase in shortage-area teachers and a higher percentage of minority teachers earning certificates are bonuses for Texas school districts.

Average teacher salaries tick up, pay increases steady for 2015‒16

HR Services’ new Teacher Salary Survey results reveal an average teacher pay increase of 2.8 percent and an average teacher salary of more than $52,000.

Districts continue to see health insurance premiums rise

HR Services latest health insurance premiums survey reveals the current state of health care costs for Texas school districts and employees.

Is relief on the horizon for bus driver shortages in Texas?

You’re not alone if you’ve had a hard time hiring bus drivers. To counter the shortage, Texas districts are paying drivers more and offering other benefits and perks.

Job seekers use mobile devices to search job openings, apply for jobs

The job candidates your district is looking for may be trying to apply using a mobile device. If your job site is not optimized to make it easy for them to apply, you may be missing out.


Extra-Duty Stipend Survey closing soon

2015–16 Teacher/District Personnel Salary Survey data in DataCentral

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Can an employee on Family and Medical leave work a second job? Districts will have to consult local policy to know for sure. Read our December Q&A to get the details.
Upcoming Events
Managing State and Federal Leave
Jan. 12, 2016

ESC 3—Victoria

The challenges of leave administration include keeping up with who is absent, what type of leave applies, and managing notifications and return to work processes. This workshop explains the various types of leave benefits for public school employees and how they interact. Strategies for communicating with departments and employees, coordinating leave and workers’ compensation benefits, and absence control strategies will be discussed.

Calculating Overtime for Nonexempt Employees
Jan. 13, 2016


Whether you have a timekeeping system that calculates overtime or you have to do it by hand you still need to understand what employees are entitled to be paid. This session covers “regular rate of pay” calculations, blended rates, and calculating overtime in a variety of situations that are common to school districts. Recording and paying overtime in the form of compensatory time off will also be covered.

Determining Employment Status and Benefits
Jan. 20, 2016

ESC 4—Houston

Ever wondered what to do with a retired, part-time, volunteer, substitute employee? Determining employment status is complicated due to the many state and federal rules that apply. Employment classification can affect rights and entitlements, pay and benefits, assignments and schedules, and even terms of employment. Improper classification can carry hefty fines and penalties for school districts. This workshop will provide an in-depth explanation of the various employment categories and how to classify employees correctly.

Supervisors' Guide to Managing Employees
Jan. 21, 2016

ESC 7—Kilgore

Supervisors need to understand basics of employment law and how to avoid placing the district at risk for employee grievances and lawsuits. This workshop will give supervisors a basic understanding of the major employment laws and how to prevent claims of discrimination, retaliation, and unfair treatment. Practical hands-on case studies and group discussions will show supervisors how to handle personnel situations appropriately and coach employees to do their jobs more effectively.