August 2015

How same-sex marriage law affects district employment practices

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled same-sex marriage constitutional. The changes that will affect schools are mostly confined to processes and procedures. We’ve outlined the key things that district HR administrators need to know.

Proposed FLSA rule changes and the impact on schools

Proposed rules regarding FLSA exemptions could impact school districts in the near future. We’ve taken a look at the rules and offered our first take on the important changes.

HR departments, by any name, drive district (and student) success

A new survey of school HR professionals shows that most HR leaders come up through the education ranks. However, other HR staff do not. This diversity is a potential strength for districts and the students they serve.

The ways to reward employees go beyond pay increases

All workers appreciate regular pay increases, but there are other, nonmonetary steps employers can take to recognize and acknowledge employee efforts.

HR Services by the numbers

We’re celebrating the completion of our 30th year in business assisting school HR professionals by summing up our work with a cool graphic that encapsulates some of what we've done over the years. Enjoy!


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2015–16 Superintendent Salary Survey launched

Handguns prohibited signs updated

Register early to ensure your spot in 2015–16 training
Do you know when an employee qualifies for assault leave? Or how much paid time a district must provide for an employee recovering from an on-the-job assault? Read our August Q&A for answers.
Upcoming Events
Six Steps to Better Pay Plans
Sept. 22, 2015


Pay plans control the largest portion of the school budget as the mechanism for distributing payroll dollars. To be most effective, pay plans must be built properly, reflect district goals and values, and be updated as market values change. This requires setting the right parameters for the pay structure, keeping a tight alignment with the right market benchmarks, and placing jobs correctly in the pay plan. Controlling pay equity among employees requires active management by plan administrators. This webinar for pay plan designers and administrators will describe six steps to achieving a better pay plan for your district.

Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace
Oct. 15, 2015


HR administrators and supervisors need to know how to respond to employees who need or request an accommodation because of a disability, medical issue, and return to work limitations. The challenges in these situations include determining what qualifies as a disability, identifying reasonable accommodations, and insuring the process is interactive. Presenters will provide a common sense approach to implementing a process that is efficient and compliant with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Human Capital/Educator Evaluation Symposium
Oct. 27, 2015

October 27-28, 2015
Embassy Suites, San Marcos, TX

Sponsored by TASB and TxCEE

Texas School HR Administrators Academy (HR Academy)
Nov. 9, 2015

November 9-10, 2015
Austin Marriott North

Be prepared to hit the ground running, not one step behind! Co-sponsored by TASB and the Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA), the HR Academy provides new administrators with the information and resources they need to meet the new challenges of a career in HR. Experienced attorneys, school human resource administrators, and human resource consultants will present topic sessions on the primary HR functions and critical issues every new administrator encounters. A notebook of resources is included in the registration fee.

Dollars and Sense—Good Pay Practices
Nov. 19, 2015

TASB Offices-Austin, TX

Understanding the strategy and architecture behind the district’s compensation plan is critical to recruiting and retaining top-notch staff and controlling costs. This workshop is designed for anyone who administers pay, recommends salaries, or explains it to employees or the board of trustees. Key components of pay administration will be covered including pay strategies, pay structures, pay adjustments, and placement for new or promoted employees.