April 2015

Envisioning a better way to pay teachers

It’s time for districts to consider moving away from a single salary schedule and across-the-board pay raises. Our ability to attract and retain future teachers depends on it.

Implementation of revised FML definition of spouse delayed

The DOL’s final regulations would allow same-sex couples to have consistent FMLA rights, but a preliminary injunction has put enforcement on hold.

Melva Cárdenas retires after more than five years at TASPA

TASPA Executive Director Melva Cárdenas is retiring in June. She takes pride in the association’s efforts to keep members informed and to build its membership.

Survey: sick leave banks and pools in Texas school districts

HR Services’ newest sick leave banks and pools survey results give insight into donation arrangements, eligibility, and limits in Texas schools.

For the most part, Millennials want the same things as other employees

Younger workers aren’t the mystery that employers might think they are, according to a new study done by IBM.


Take part in our projected 2015–16 pay raise poll and supplemental pay rates survey

2015 Model Employee Handbook will be posted in May

Keeping up with bills that might affect HR operations
Do you know what a National Medical Support Notice is and how to deal with it? Read our April Q&A for the details on how to respond to such a notice.
Upcoming Events
Managing Personnel Records Effectively
April 8, 2015

ESC 7—Kilgore

Do you know what documents should be kept and for how long? This workshop will help you develop an effective plan to ensure your personnel records are complete and accurate and to reduce the time, effort, and space required to manage both paper and electronic personnel records.

Managing Employee Performance
April 13, 2015

ESC 11—Fort Worth

Supervisors need to understand basics of employment law and how to avoid placing the district at risk for employee grievances and lawsuits. This workshop will give supervisors a basic understanding of the major employment laws and how to prevent claims of discrimination, retaliation, and unfair treatment. Practical hands-on case studies and group discussions will show supervisors how to handle personnel situations appropriately and coach employees to do their jobs more effectively.

M.I.A.—Managing Inevitable Absences
June 9, 2015

TASB Offices-Austin, TX
It’s inevitable—employees are going to miss work. The challenge is keeping up with who is out, what type of leave applies, and managing notifications and return to work. The first step is to identify and understand the leave benefits available to public school employees. This workshop explains the various types of leave and how they interact. Other topics covered include communicating with departments and employees, coordinating leave and workers’ compensation benefits, understanding the role of policy, processing leave, and identifying strategies for reducing employee absences.

Get a Grip on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
June 10, 2015

TASB Offices-Austin, TX
Every leave request is unique, so how do you get a grip on all the rules for applying and processing family and medical leave? Using actual situations in exercises and case studies, participants will learn how to apply the FMLA regulations, identify potential problem areas, and develop procedures for administering family and medical leave. Scenarios related to standard FMLA, leave for qualifying exigency, and military caregiver leave will be used to discover answers to the most frequently asked family and medical leave questions.