May 2012

Results are in for our first poll of projected salaries for school employees

If you want to know what other districts are doing about pay for next year, we’ve got your needs covered. HR Services conducted a quick poll of Texas districts and we're ready to report the results.

Rand study indicates that principal turnover has lasting effects

New research indicates that "churn”—or high principal turnover—is especially detrimental in struggling schools because it appears to have a lasting effect.

Teacher retirements up in the midst of budget cuts, new high-stakes tests

Texas teacher retirements have risen steadily since 2009. Several factors including resignation incentives have likely contributed to the increase.

Common hiring myths busted

This month, our focus is the same as yours...hiring. We’ll help you sort fact from fiction with a couple of pervasive hiring myths.

Districts cut staff by 4 percent due to state funding cuts

Preliminary AEIS data has offered a first look at the number of positions cut from public school payrolls last year.

Inside HR Services

We’re offering training to help districts manage leaves and absences

Watch for June/July issue of HR Exchange

HR Services offers training at TASB board events

Districts with new or enhanced membership

You can avoid paying unnecessary unemployment claims by knowing who gets letters of reasonable assurance and when they should be sent. Read on to learn more.