April 2012

Texas TAP keeps pace despite drought in state grant funds

The Texas Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) has weathered the storm of funding cuts and continues to grow and get results for Texas schools.

Starting salaries up modestly for 2011 college grads

2011 college graduates received higher pay regardless of major compared to their 2010 counterparts, according to a recent study.

Top four leave myths

This month we focus on busting leave myths. There are many to choose from so we picked four of the most common ones to share with you this month.

The 2011 MetLife Teacher Survey shows decline in teacher satisfaction

According to the latest MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, teacher job satisfaction is the lowest it’s been in 20 years. Layoffs, program cuts, and larger class sizes are all contributing factors.

Discount programs popular with employees, inexpensive to offer

Discount programs allow employers to offer below-retail prices on merchandise, entertainment, and services. Best of all, they are popular with employees.

Inside Hr services

HR Services sends quick poll on district pay raises; respond by April 18

A warm welcome to new HR Services members and DataCentral subscribers

Learn how to process family and medical leave

HR Services presents session at the Risk Management Fund Members’ Conference

2012 Model Employee Handbook will be posted in May