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Compensation Services

Market-based pay systems

TASB is the leading service provider when it comes to helping Texas schools design, install, and maintain competitive and effective pay plans for all employees. Since 1984, our compensation consultants and analysts have helped over 700 school districts improve their pay practices. We understand school jobs, job markets, and the real environment in which schools operate. 

“TASB consultants documented areas of need that enabled us to restructure our entire compensation plan. Since then, TASB has been assisting us on an annual basis to refine our compensation plan and hiring schedules.”
Berhl Robertson, Jr. Ed.D.
Lubbock ISD

Services provided

Compensation Services are planned to meet the unique needs of each school district and each type of employee. Our range of consulting services includes:

  • Evaluating the competitive pay markets for your district
  • Recommending the best pay strategy to achieve your goals
  • Building and aligning competitive pay structures
  • Improving teacher salary schedule
  • Reviewing job classifications for exemption status and placement
  • Building better stipend plans for extra duty pay
  • Recommending and costing employee pay adjustments
  • Recommending pay policies and procedures for system administration
  • Helping with board and employee communications about pay

Pay system maintenance

After a district has installed a market-based pay system, we can provide annual maintenance services at very low cost that save you time and money. Annual maintenance includes:

  • Competitive pay review for key benchmarks
  • Adjustment or realignment of pay ranges
  • Calculation of employee pay adjustments and transfer of data files
  • Cost models to meet your budget specifications
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