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Recruiting and retention: A new Batelle for Kids blog outlines a seven-step recruiting and retention strategy. 4/23/15

Interest in teaching down: A survey of ACT test takers shows high school students are less interested in pursuing careers in education. 4/23/15

STEM graduate salaries:
The actual salaries of STEM graduates often exceed their expectations, according to a new NACE survey. 4/23/15

CPPP Report: Texas is struggling to produce enough college graduates to meet employer needs. 4/23/15

Bills to watch in the Texas Legislature: See TASPA's list of bills with HR implications. 4/23/15












Envisioning a better way to pay teachers
It’s time for districts to consider moving away from a single salary schedule and across-the-board pay raises. Our ability to attract and retain future teachers depends on it.

Implementation of revised FML definition of spouse delayed
The DOL’s final regulations would allow same-sex couples to have consistent FMLA rights, but a preliminary injunction has put enforcement on hold.

Melva Cárdenas retires after more than five years at TASPA
TASPA Executive Director Melva Cárdenas is retiring in June. She takes pride in the association’s efforts to keep members informed and to build its membership.

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June 9: M.I.A.Managing Inevitable Absences—TASB Offices, Austin

June 10: Get a Grip on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)—TASB Offices, Austin

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