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No MEH update in May: There are no changes that would require a rewrite of our Model Employee Handbook, so we won't do an update in May. If an update is needed following the legislative session, a new version will be published in late summer and districts will be notified. 5/19/15

Peeples urges youth to teach: National Teacher of the Year Shanna Peeples from Amarillo says now is the time to become an educator, particularly "...if you want to make a difference." 5/14/15

What’s in a name? A new survey of HR professionals asked about their work experiences, background, motivations, and what they call their department. 5/14/15

ADP report: The payroll processor reports that Texas added 6,100 private-sector jobs in April but lost jobs in oil and gas production. The state lost jobs in March, the first decline in four years. 5/14/15

ACA reporting update: TRS will assist ActiveCare districts with PPO plans with their ACA reporting requirements, if desired. This audio file, intended for members who took part in our ACA Reporting Requirements Webinar, will explain how TRS will help. 5/4/15

Bills to watch in the Texas Legislature: See TASPA's list of bills with HR implications. 4/23/15












Poll results: Most districts will give modest pay raises in 2015–16
Modest pay increases are planned in 2015‒16, with raises varying significantly by location and enrollment size. Nearly 95 percent of districts with more than 3,000 students plan to increase pay. Only about half of small districts—those with less than 500 students—are likely to be giving raises.

TRS clarifies ACA enrollment reporting requirements, will assist ActiveCare districts
Affordable Care Act reporting is coming soon. TRS has announced plans to help districts with employees enrolled in TRS-ActiveCare PPOs with the process.

The benefit of paying the best teachers to teach more students
A new Edunomics Lab study concludes that districts can extend the reach of excellent teachers by expanding their classes and increasing their compensation.

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