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We need your data: HR Services has just launched our 2015–16 Extra-Duty Stipend Survey covering more than 70 common extra-duty assignments in athletics, performing arts, and academics. Dec. 11 is the deadline to submit data. 11/23/15

Health care affordability:
Teacher groups again called for the state to increase its share of the cost for educator health care. Employee premiums have doubled since 2003 while state contributions have stayed the same. 10/29/15

Just updated: TASB Legal Services has updated its Legal E-Source document Firearms on School District Property. The document will help school districts comply with the new law on this topic. 10/26/15

Back to school: Houston 'Education Entrepreneurship Program' is helping principals and teachers bring business savvy to the classroom. 10/22/15

2015 ACA forms finalized: The IRS has issued final Affordable Care Act forms and instructions. 10/8/15












District grow-your-own programs bring students home to teach
Texas districts are attempting to ease their own staffing woes by encouraging students to take career education classes and work in district classrooms. Grow-your-own teacher programs are giving high school students a glimpse of the realities of teaching.

Superintendent pay increases steady for 2015–16
Pay increases for superintendents averaged 2.9 percent for 2015–16. Superintendents in major suburban districts got the biggest pay raises, while those in major urban districts received the smallest.

Human capital symposium participants share lessons learned
Districts that have undertaken the challenge of moving to a human capital management system recently shared their experiences with school HR leaders.

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