Facility Services: Who We Are and What We Do

Facility Services. What We Do

School maintenance is an ongoing cycle from the day the school opens, until the time that the building is torn down.

This ongoing process is regulated by several state and federal agencies to ensure that proper standards are met, ensuring the safety and health of students and staff. Deficiencies in your maintenance or record keeping could cost the district thousands of dollars in fines if not maintained properly.

TASB Facility Services is here to assist with navigating these regulations. We will:

  • Educate staff and administration on common procedures to maintain required standards and record keeping. 
  • Help ensure that you have all the right tools and information to keep the school in working order.
  • Make recommendations for potential areas that could cause problems down the road. 

We are a licensed Asbestos Management planner agency, licensed Mold Consulting Company as well as a licensed Lead firm. Members of our service will be assigned a consultant to help them with any questions they may have, in addition to providing them guidance on record keeping and environmental testing for their buildings.

As time goes on, TASB will assist in evaluating each of the spaces throughout your district and each of the buildings to ensure you have a game plan for what to expect down the road. New equipment, and even new additions can get costly, and TASB will help make sure you have a game plan to address these issues when the time comes.

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