Construction Program Management

Whether you are constructing new or renovating existing facilities, capital improvement projects come with many challenges. TASB Facility Services understands the importance on building a program and the amount of time, effort and experience that is required during each phase of those projects. Facility Services provides independent, school district advocacy and is available to alleviate school district's issues and concerns.

Throughout the process of construction program management, and in conjunction with Sledge Engineering, we will work to ensure that districts are getting the best value for their tax dollars and the best educational environment possible for their students.

Capital Improvement/Master Plan Phase

  • Oversee site master planning process for build-out conditions for all new and renovated sites
  • Oversee site master planning for each site as needed for ISD Infrastructure to include utilities, traffic, drainage and open space
  • Oversee campus planning for ISD on each site for build-out conditions
  • Administer and facilitate public meetings as needed for affected property owners and consensus building
  • Review site master plan(s) for cost effectiveness, construct ability, stake-holder needs

Program Management

  • Establish and maintain project schedules and budgets for entire Bond program
  • Reports to ISD monthly or as needed for all projects
  • Multiple Project Management
  • Providing needs assessments and analysis of alternatives
  • Coordinating Conceptual designs and cost estimations
  • Evaluating and prioritizing all projects and their interrelationships and dependencies
  • Providing project scopes, goals, and objectives
  • Assistance with development of criteria for design team

Contract Administration, Negotiations and firm selection

  • Provide Requests for Qualifications and Proposals and manage process for ISD
  • Assist with evaluation and selection of professional consultants
  • Verify and maintain certificates of insurance
  • Negotiate and recommend contracts on behalf of ISD for all consultants and contractors
  • Design firm(s) at planning stage and design/construction phases
  • Geotechnical and materials testing firm(s)
  • Surveying firms(s)
  • Texas department of Licensing and regulation firm for accessibility
  • Environmental
  • Contractor(s)

Design Phase

  • Plan review for cost effectiveness, construct ability, satisfaction of project goals, City and State code compliance, TEA compliance, M&O sustainability and functionality
  • Provide Value Engineering and cost reduction options for stake-holders
  • Oversee Architectural, Engineering and Landscape Architecture design services
  • Oversee zoning and platting approvals as needed
  • review opinions of Probable Construction Cost at 30%, 60%, 90%, and 100% or similar
  • Facilitate design meetings with stake/holders/City
  • Oversee LEED Certification for the project as needed


  • Introduce and Recommend Bidding Options to ISD
  • Review and oversee all bidding processes
  • Recommend Award of bid(s) to owner
  • Assist design team(s) with bidding processes
  • Assist in securing builders risk insurance

Construction Phase

  • Assist with project mobilization and coordination with district staff, design and construction team
  • Maintain schedule and budget control and reporting to owner
  • Manage and control documents
  • Coordinate and attend construction meetings and inspections
  • Minimize education program disruption
  • Coordinate necessary third-party testing
  • Review submittals, payment applications and change orders
  • Provide progress reports and change orders to the board of trustees
  • Assist district with payment application processing

Post-Construction Phase

  • Coordinate punch list
  • Assist owner with move-in and transitions
  • Coordinate delivery of close-out documents and necessary training
  • Assist district during commissioning process
  • Assist district in developing a preventive maintenance plan
  • Provide district with electronic copies of all project documents
  • Coordinate warranty work

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