The Old schoolBond Election Services

How old are your buildings? The national average is 42 years, with 28% of all schools being built before 1950.

New bonds can be held for capital improvements, new construction, facility upgrades, site acquisition and equipment costs related to construction. 

TASB Facility Services can help a district through the process of calling a bond and what resources to use in order to be more successful.

Listen to our TASB Talks bond podcast to learn more about the process for calling a bond election, what school districts need to know during the campaign as well as post-election.

Bond Planning Services

  • Project scope and budget
  • Board training
  • Analysis of existing facilities and education optimization studies
  • Renovation concept development and associated cost analysis
  • Facility options studies and comparative cost analysis
  • District-wide master planning
  • Work with district and citizen committees and groups
  • Public forums and stakeholder meetings

Communication Services

  • Messaging and communications strategy
  • Graphic design: logos, brochures, website, presentations, posters, etc.
  • Event planning: facility tours, community group meetings, etc.

Post-Bond Election Services

  • Monthly updates to the Board of Trustees and community
  • Event planning: groundbreaking ceremonies, dedications, etc.
  • Site signage
  • Videos


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