Facility Planning and Construction

The need to analyze deficiencies, create a master plan, fund projects, design and renovate or construct new facilities in a collaborative, transparent and unbiased manner is paramount to the success of a program. 

TASB Program Management Services assists school districts from inception of the building program to post-construction providing independent, school district advocacy to alleviate the districts’ issues and concerns. Having knowledeable and experienced representation throughout all pahses of a project to ensure successful project delivery that meets everyones expectation. Lack of representation, in any phase of a project can cause delays, budgetary issues, over or under design, and ultimately provide a project that may not result in the desired outcome of the district.

TASB Facilities Services staff is there every step of the way providing a level of professionalism and consistency that is unparalleled. 

Services We Offer

Facilities Assessment/Master Planning

The service will assist schools in determining facilities needs due to an increase or decrease in student enrollment or aging facilities.

  • Instructional space assessment
  • Facilities assessment
  • Comprehensive Cost Estimating
  • A capital project plan

Facility Life-Cycle Modeling

The Facility Life-Cycle Modeling is a versatile tool that is designed to help school district staff at all levels to maintain facilities effectively and efficiently by providing timely, accurate and valuable data. The Model is comprised of four key components: building inventory, life cycle standards, reports, and updating.

School Bond Management

We will help your district through the process of calling and managing a bond as well assist in developing material to make your district more successful. 

Construction Program Management

Throughout all phases of capital improvement projects—pre-construction, construction, and post-construction—TASB staff is available to ensure that your district is getting the best value for its tax dollars and the best educational environment possible for your students.