Membership Benefits

What's Included in a membership?

Membership in the TASB Facility Services program provides districts access to experienced personnel, professional and informative training, assistance with regulatory compliance, prompt and dependable customer service, and substantial cost savings on a wide variety of environmental and facility consulting services.

The following services are provided at no additional cost to TASB Facility Services members:


Free Training Seminars

  • Members receive unlimited free training classes throughout the year
  • Training topics include:
    • Asbestos Designated Person Training (EPA, TDSHS)
    • Integrated Pest Management Coordinator Training (TDA, SPCS) and refresher training
    • Indoor Air Quality Coordinator Training
    • Environmental/Facilities Regulatory Compliance Coordinator Training

Environmental Services



  • On-line access to Asbestos Management Plan information and reports.
  • Licensed Asbestos Management Planner Agency (TDSHS)
  • Licensed Asbestos Inspector/Management Planners (TDSHS)
  • Audit and revision of existing asbestos management plan

Management Plan Updates

  • Management plan updates
    • Six-month surveillance forms and reports (e-mailed each December and June)
    • Annual reminders and necessary updates
  • Notification of regulation changes
  • Representation at TDSHS random audits and inspections
  • Free access to Two Hour Awareness Presentation

Integrated Pest Management

  • Integrated Pest Management Plan and Policies (TDA)
  • Periodic plan updates
  • Notification of regulation changes
  • Representation at quarterly IPM Advisory Committee meetings

Indoor Air Quality

  • Licensed Mold Assessment Company (TDSHS)
  • Indoor Air Quality Management Plan
  • Notification of regulation changes

Environmental Compliance Reviews

TASB Facility Services staff are available to assist you with compliance reviews designed to review your record keeping methods to determine if you are complying with federal and state regulations and standards. Asbestos management plans, hazard communication standards, hazardous materials management, lead poisoning, radon, indoor air quality, and integrated pest management programs are evaluated for compliance. Deficiencies in your environmental programs or record keeping could subject your district to possible regulatory fines of up to $10,000 per violation.

Facility Planning and Construction Services

Maintenance & Operations

  • Staffing standards
  • Custodial best practices

Construction Consultation

  • Two consultation calls or e-mails each month to assist with all phases of any ongoing construction projects.


Members of TASB Facility services also receive the following at a reduced rate:

  • Board trainings for continuing education credit
  • On-site consultation and training services
    • Asbestos inspections and sampling
    • IPM documentation audits and building inspections
    • Lead sampling services and assessments
  • Indoor air quality assessments and investigations
  • Mold remediation consulting and protocol writing services
  • Onsite training classes at your district:
    • Asbestos Awareness training
    • BBP Training
    • Hazardous Communications Awareness training
  • Reduced laboratory analysis costs
  • Scanning service. TASB Facility Services can scan blueprints and other documents. Originals will be returned along with a DVD with all of the electronic scans, and we will maintain copies of the scans so if a replacement is ever needed it is just a phone call away. 
  • Asbestos Management Planning software access to large districts with licensed management planners. 
  • Custom signs are also available - high quality, ultraviolet resistant, and shatter proof plastic signs in a variety of size and color options.