TASB Facility Services Membership 

Membership Application ImageThrough the services listed below, membership in the TASB Facility Services program provides districts access to experienced personnel, professional and informative training, assistance with regulatory compliance, prompt and dependable customer service, and substantial cost savings as compared to the cost to a non-member on a wide variety of TASB Facility Services’ environmental and facility consulting services.

An annual membership is based on a district's Average Daily Attendance (ADA). 

Number of Students (ADA) Membership Cost
0-250 Students $950
251-1,000 Students $1,700
1,001-5,000 Students $2,250
5,001-10,000 Students $3,100
10, 001-20,000 Students $4,150
More than 20,000 Students $4,750

Fill out our membership application and e-mail it to facilities@tasb.org or print it and mail it to us at PO Box 400, Austin, TX 78767.

The following services are included with a TASB Facility Services membership and provided at no additional cost:

Free training seminars

  • Members receive free, unlimited access to designated scheduled training classes throughout the year.
  • Many training opportunities held throughout the state.
  • Training varies by topic and location each year and is outlined in the 2017-18 Training Schedule1

Compliance services

  • Asbestos
    • Access to Licensed Asbestos Management Planner Agency (TDSHS2)
    • Access to Licensed Asbestos Inspector/Management Planners (TDSHS)
    • On-line access to Asbestos Management Plan information and reports
    • Audit and revision of existing asbestos management plan (subject to initial, one-time upload fee3)
    • Management plan updates
      • Six-month surveillance forms and reports (e-mailed each December and Jun
      • Annual reminders
    • Periodic courtesy notices regarding regulation changes
    • Provide general assistance to district personnel with TDSHS random audits and inspections
    • Free access to Two-Hour Asbestos Awareness presentation

Integrated pest management

  • Assistance with Integrated Pest Management Plan and Procedures
  • Periodic plan updates
  • Periodic courtesy notices regarding regulation changes
  • Monitoring of quarterly IPM Advisory Committee meetings and Updates, if applicable

Indoor air quality

  • Access to Licensed Mold Assessment Company (TDLR4)
  • Access to Licensed Mold Assessment Consultants (TDLR)
  • Periodic courtesy notices regarding regulation changes


  • Access to Licensed Lead Firm(TDSHS)
  • Access to Licensed Lead Assessment Consultants (TDSHS)
  • Periodic courtesy notices regarding regulation changes

Environmental compliance assistance

TASB Facility Services staff are available to assist you with general information on compliance with various relevant federal and state regulations and standards. Our program offers guidance on achieving and maintaining compliance with asbestos management plans, hazard communication standards, lead, indoor air quality, and integrated pest management regulations. 

The following services are available to TASB Facility Services members under separate agreement and for additional fees at a discount from the non-member price. If interested in any of these services, please contact your TASB Facility Services representative for additional information.

Environmental compliance

  • Onsite environmental compliance consulting and training related to:
    • Asbestos inspection and sampling services
    • Integrated pest management documentation audit and building inspection services
    • Indoor air quality assessment and investigation services
    • Lead assessment and sampling services
    • Onsite training presentations at your district:
      • Asbestos Awareness training
      • Bloodborne Pathogens training
      • Hazardous Communication Awareness training  

Custodial/Maintenance & Operations staffing analysis

The purpose of the Custodial/Maintenance & Operations staffing analysis is to assist districts in establishing department standards, maintaining operational efficiency, and ensuring proper custodial, maintenance, and/or grounds staffing levels for areas that require daily cleaning and routine maintenance. The analysis is based on three criteria: district building and equipment specifications, industry wide standard cleaning times, and custodial staff tasks and work schedules.

Facility planning

  • Facility assessment: The purpose of a facilities assessment is to measure the quality, sustainability, functionality, and educational effectiveness of school facilities. TASB Facility Services will utilize a comprehensive appraisal method tailored for elementary, middle, and high school educational levels as well as support areas with those appraisal criteria categorized into three primary areas that include: school site, systems and components, site safety, and educational adequacy.
  • Long-range facility planning: The long-range facility plan is developed from an assessment of the facilities and, in conjunction with services from a third-party engineering firm, can include the quality, sustainability, functionality, and educational effectiveness of school facilities, recommended improvements, cost projections, and scheduling recommendations.
  • Bond election assistance: TASB Facility Services can provide general bond election planning and informational assistance to your district during planning for and throughout the bond election process.  

TASB Facility Services members also receive unlimited toll-free telephone access to consultations with experienced professionals. 


  1. Schedule subject to change. Please visit our Training Schedule under the Environmental Services page for the most current list of trainings. 
  2. Licensing agency – Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS)
  3. A new member will be charged an initial, one-time charge in the amount of 50% of the full annual membership fee in connection with uploading all member’s data for purposes of providing audit and revision of asbestos management plan services.
  4. Licensing agency – Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)
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