TASB College eLaw

TASB College eLaw is a collection of free higher education law resources for community college officials and the college community. 


Voting answers frequently asked questions about voting at a community college board meeting.

Regular Meeting Notice/Agenda Sample is a sample posting that gives boards maximum flexibility within the bounds of the Texas Open Meetings Act (OMA) notice requirements.

Emergency Meeting Notice/Agenda Sample provides a sample emergency posting that complies with OMA notice requirements.

Closed Meeting Topics answers frequently asked questions about the closed meeting exceptions to the OMA.

Closed Meeting Records answers frequently asked questions about who can access closed meeting records.

Certified Agenda Sample gives Texas community college boards a template for compliance with the OMA requirement that boards document closed meetings.

Attendance at Closed Meetings answers frequently asked questions about who can attend closed sessions during a board meeting.

Open Government Training Requirements answers frequently asked questions about the legally required OMA and Texas Public Information Act (PIA) training for community college officials.


Community College Website Accessibility answers frequently asked questions and addresses current issues related to website accessibility, including rulemaking under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and recent litigation and complaints with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

House Bill 89 answers frequently asked questions about the legal requirement for community college contracts with companies to contain a verification that the company does not boycott Israel.

Safety and Emergency Management

Campus Safety and Emergency Management answers frequently asked questions about the laws surrounding safety planning and emergency response.

Firearms on Community College Campuses answers frequently asked questions about the firearm laws, including those specifically addressing campus carry.

Community College and University/State College Campus Carry websites provides links to websites established by public institutions of higher education to inform their communities about how they are addressing the campus carry laws and links to relevant regulations.


Leaves and Absences Policy Considerations addresses legal and practical issues to consider in developing a leaves and absences policy.

Affordable Care Act

What Texas Community College Officials Should Understand About the Affordable Care Act provides an overview of Affordable Care Act requirements slated to take effect in 2015 and 2016, including the requirement to offer coverage, the affordability requirement, and new IRS reporting requirements.

The Individual Mandate provides an overview of the requirement that all individuals have health insurance, as that requirement relates to employees of Texas community colleges.

Calculating Hours of Service Under the Affordable Care Act describes the rules for calculating hours of service for Affordable Care Act purposes, including rules for non-hourly employees and rules for adjunct faculty.

Determining Full Time-Status discusses the definition of full-time employee and explains the monthly measurement and look-back methods of determining full-time status.

Health Insurance Marketplace and Employer Notice provides an overview of the Marketplace in Texas and explains the requirement that employers provide notices to employees.  

Employer Shared Responsibility Effective Dates explains the effective dates of the Affordable Care Act requirements for employers, including the applicability of temporary relief provisions.


Evolution of Dual Credit is an article that answers frequently asked questions that arise surrounding dual credit instruction and partnerships.