2018 TASB Media Honor Roll

The Media Honor Roll recognizes individuals and organizations in print, radio, television, and digital media who:

  • Make the effort to get to know the superintendent, board president, and district’s mission and goals
  • Report school news in a manner that is fair, accurate, and balanced
  • Give a high-profile position to good news about schools
  • Visit the schools
  • Maintain a policy of no surprises by sharing information with school representatives

Submit names online

Submission deadline for this year was May 1, 2018.

Receive certificates

In late July, receive a personalized certificate for each name submitted. 

Use the sample resolution to make a certificate presentation for each honoree. Customize the sample news release and forward it to local media outlets.

View honoree names online

This year's honored media names are posted.

Questions about the program or the nominations process? Contact Theresa Gage at 512.467.3564, or theresa.gage-dieringer@tasb.org.