What BoardBook® Offers

BoardBook was developed by TASB specifically to assist districts in assembling their monthly board meeting packets in a consistent, efficient, and streamlined manner.  In addition to easing the process of compiling agenda packets, BoardBook offers a searchable archive and facilitates electronic distribution — including a very easy way to prepare edited versions of original board agenda packets for public viewing.  If your district is moving towards paperless board meetings, BoardBook also provides a superior tool for that purpose by creating electronic agenda packets.

BoardBook benefits include:

  • Immediate access to the district’s online policy manual and other resources defined by the district as important tools for decision makers: the district’s strategic plan, campus- and district-level improvement plans, etc.
  • Secured access for district officials to meeting notices and agenda packets.
  • An archive of past notices, agenda packets, and minutes with electronic searching capabilities.
  • Easy, automated Web-publishing of BoardBook documents for public access.
  • An extensive online collection of TASB's "best practices" — tips on planning and running meetings, parliamentary procedure guides, frequently asked questions about the Texas Open Meetings Act, sample agendas — a wealth of resources that can help your board conduct more effective meetings.
  • The essential first steps to paperless distribution and paperless meetings.