Use TASB Tools for School Board Advocacy

When the Texas Legislature is in session, TASB Governmental Relations Division staff members are at the Capitol daily working to pass TASB’s legislative program and keeping school board members up-to-date on the latest legislative activities.

To follow the important education-related legislative activities going on in Austin, take advantage of these TASB publications and services:

The Legislative Report

During the legislative session, The Legislative Report’s publication frequency steps up. The newsletter moves from a monthly to a biweekly format in February, and then goes weekly March through May. The spotlight is focused, of course, on the Texas Legislature and education issues. Included in the newsletter are reports on general session activities, bill summaries, committee hearings, House and Senate actions, the status of TASB-initiated legislation, the Association’s views on various education proposals, and TASB Grassroots events. All school board members and superintendents receive an e-mail notice letting them know when the news-letter has been posted to TASB's Web Site.

Legislative Update

By 9:30 a.m. every day during the session, Legislative Updates are posted on TASB's Web Site. If the session activity is heavy, updates may be posted several times during the day or evening.

Legislative Hot Line

School board members and superintendents may use TASB's special toll-free number, 800-580-4885, to contact their state legislators during the session. Only school board members and local administrators are permitted access to this special phone line.

Action Alerts

From time to time during the session, TASB will mail, e-mail, or fax Action Alerts to members or post Action Alert messages on TASB’s Web Site or on the Legislative Hot Line. Action Alerts are notices to members about legislative activity that demands members’ immediate attention and response.

Electronic Communication

TASB legislative information also is available on the World Wide Web. During the legislative session, a  legislative bill tracking system on TASB's Web Site allows Association members to find out which bills the Association is tracking, to read bill summaries, and to view the full-bill text of major education legislation.