Boards Pass Resolutions Opposing Vouchers

About 80 school boards across the state are telling legislators to stop any measure that would divert public funds from public schools by passing a resolution opposing vouchers.

Districts may show their opposition to vouchers, taxpayer savings grants, franchise tax credits or any other similar measure using this sample resolution or by creating their own.

Please remember to share your adopted resolution with your local legislators and media outlets.

School choice will be a topic of serious debate for legislators during session, so board members are urged to voice their concerns now -- both through this resolution and through direct communication with local legislators.
Please notify Dax Gonzalez via e-mail or phone at 800-580-4885 in TASB Governmental Relations should your board choose to adopt the resolution. This will allow TASB GR to compile all of the resolutions and work jointly with the Texas Association of School Administrators to convey your message to the 83rd Texas Legislature.