Help for Users

There are several ways to find content on, the official Web site of the Texas Association of School Boards. Each will be explained below and include: global navigation, sectional navigation, the breadcrumb interface, and the "Read more" and "Related content" boxes.

If you still have questions after reading this page, feel free to e-mail the TASB Webmaster:

Global navigation

Along the top of each page you will see a blue bar with seven major sections, from "Home" to "About TASB." Use this navigation to find your way across the site. Each blue option will reveal a list of suboptions when you roll over it, or you can click on it to go straight to the main page for that section.

Global navigation

Sectional navigation

Each section of the site has unique content on the left side. Use this navigation area to get around, say, Policy Service's content or Legislative information.

Example of sectional navigation

Additional navigation

"Read more"

This box appears as needed on the right side of the page. Use it to dig further into a topic.

"Related content"

This box shows you documents, other pages, or other Web sites that may be of interest to you, based on the content you currently are reviewing.

Related content example

The breadcrumb interface

As you move down the hierarchy of levels of information within (e.g., About TASB > Governance > Board of Directions > Nomination Process), it can get difficult to keep in mind where you are and where you were. That’s why we’ve included virtual breadcrumbs that automatically appear and allow you to find your way in case you want to double back to explore branches of content already passed.

Just below the blue header on every page is a trail of links moving from left to right. They will follow you back three levels before displaying an ellipsis “…”. Click the dots to go back up to the next higher level.

Example of breadcrumbs