Good Governance

There is a difference between doing a job, and doing a job well. One gets you a nod. The other earns you a handshake. One leaves you tired. The other leaves you tired, but proud.

One keeps things going. The other? Makes things better.

Which job do you do?

Don Palmer, Royse City ISD, at the 2008 Summer Leadership Institute North in Fort WorthYou may know everything you can about board service, but how do you assess your—or your board's—performance? You can use that "gut feeling" or what you read in the paper. You can base it on election results (which usually deliver the news too late). Or you can simply start here.

TASB believes in the importance of board service. More than that, we believe in the power of good governance: trustees and boards who not only know what to do, but know what's right, who take extra steps to be as effective as they possibly can, and who encourage their fellow trustees to do the same, by networking, mentoring, and embodying the principles of effective board service.

We know you didn't sign on for board service just to do the job, but to do the job well. These resources we're sharing here will help you do just that.