Business Recognition Form

All Active TASB Members are encouraged to recognize businesses and community organizations that stand up for their public schools, at no cost to the district, by completing and submitting the form below:

  • Names submitted should be for businesses and community organizations—not individuals—that donate money, products, services, and/or time to their district.
  • "Submitter" information should include the name, job title, and e-mail address of the person completing the form or spreadsheet so we can contact that person if we have questions.
  • All packets are shipped to the superintendent at the address included in the top part of the "District Information" section. If packets need to be sent to someone other than the superintendent and/or to a different address, click the "No" bubble in the "Preferred Shipping Information" area of the form and complete the information requested in that section.
  • Recognition submissions are closed out on the first and 16th of each month. Production time is about 10 workdays after the closeout date. The online listing of recognized entities is updated on Wednesdays.
  • Districts are welcome to submit as many names as they want throughout the school year as they identify more entities that support their schools.
  • Districts that have several entities to be recognized can download and complete this Excel workbook and submit it as an e-mail attachment sent to
  • The deadline for submitting names for the 2017-18 school year has been extended to July 31, 2018.

Harvey Hero designation

Harvey Hero logoThis year we invite districts to also recognize businesses and community groups that provided vital assistance to schools in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Whether your district was directly affected by the storm or you know of an organization in your community that stepped up to help another district in need, we want to help you recognize entities that contributed to the recovery of Texas public schools damaged by the storm.

The designation of “Harvey Hero” will be added to the certificate and countertop sign of the presentation packet and the online list of this year’s recognized entities for each honoree you request to be given this distinction. Fill in the circle before “Yes” when answering “Is this business a Harvey Hero?” in the form below so we’ll know which of your submissions to recognize with this designation.

For questions about this year's program, e-mail Theresa Gage or call 512.467.3564.

Fill out the form

Start the submission process by searching for your district name to prepopulate the "District Information" in the form below:

  1. ​Key in your district name in the white bar.
  2. Click on the "Look-Up" button. Your district information will appear below the white bar.
  3. Click on your district name and address that appears below the white bar to have your "District Information" prepopulated in the top section of the submission form. Review that information to ensure it is the preferred shipping address for your district.
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Business Information
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Questions? E-mail Theresa Gage or call 512.467.3564.